What Is The Best Shock Collar For A Husky?

shock collar for huskyShock collars, often known as ‘E Collars’ in their modern incarnation, have really come a long way. Unlike the harmful versions available in the 70’s, modern e collars are both humane and effective. So, what is the best shock collar for a Husky? Training an Alpha Husky can be an uphill climb, but if used properly an E collar can really make a difference. In today’s article we will discuss E Collars, how to use them properly, and advise you on which would be best suited for training your husky with. Without further ado, let’s discuss the best shock collar and applications for your husky.

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Husky training collar – What does it do?

You are probably wondering, ‘do I really need to shock my dog?’, so we would like to address this first. While the name is a bit misleading and more apropos of the earlier models, today’s ‘shock collars’ are quite different from their forbears. They now deliver electrical stimulation, rather than shock. Rather like the pads that therapists use to electrically stimulate muscles. Rather than inflicting pain, this is more of a way of getting your dog’s attention and is not intended to harm them in any way. That said, many modern collars offer different training options, such as vibration or beeping to get your dog’s attention. This means you can use a ‘shock collar’ if you like and never deliver a single shock.

Training a Husky with a shock collar

Training a Husky with a shock collar is more a matter of using it to get their attention, rather than simply pressing a button whenever your dog does something wrong. This is an important distinction, as improper use of a shock collar can make your dog confused and more aggressive. What you will want to do use the collar remotely whenever you want to get your dog’s attention and they are ignoring you when you call their name. Trigger the collar and call their name again and when they look at you, simply issue a command such as ‘sit!’ or ‘lay down’. Give your dog a treat when they comply to reinforce the good behavior and over time they will learn there are certain behaviors which cause you to reassert dominance. Over time these ‘bad behaviors’ should dissipate. So, what is the best shock collar for a Husky? Here are our picks!

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PatPet Dog Shock Collarbest shock collar for husky

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PatPet’s ‘no harm collar’ offers a waterproof training collar with a control range of 1000 feet. While it can deliver electric stimulation, it also has ‘vibration’ and ‘tone’ modes that may be used to get your dog’s attention by means that don’t involve current. The choice is completely yours. This model has a long life with its rechargeable Lithium battery and a 2 year warranty, though it is unlikely that you will need to employ the collar for 2 years. Generally once your dog has been thoroughly trained you won’t even need it.

ET-300ZEN Mini-Educator E Collar

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husky training collarThe ET-300ZEN Mini-educator collar is another nice offering. Doubling as a clicker for ‘clicker training’, it also offers static stimulation in conjunction with vibration or tones



“This collar has a half mile range and also boasts a ‘tracking light'”

like our previous model. This collar has a half mile range and also boasts a ‘tracking light’ for nights at the park when you need to ensure your dog stays within view. This model is excellent for K9 and Hunting Dog training.

TBI Pro 2019 Dog Shock Training Collarhusky shock collar training

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Our last entry is the TBI Pro 2019 Dog Shock Training Collar. This model has an excellent range of 2000 feet, heavy-duty construction, and is waterproof like the previous models so your dog can swim with this collar with no issues. This model also offers shock, vibration, and sound stimulation for getting your Husky’s attention and a 2 or 3 hour charge will power the collar for approximately 15-20 days. This one is priced modestly and with the easiest control setup then this one is the favorite of the bunch.

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How to use a shock collar on a Husky: Some last minute tips

For best results you are going to need to be consistent and you must resist the urge to simply use the collar whenever your dog does something wrong unless you follow with an immediate command. The goal is distraction and getting their attention, not punishment. When properly used an E Collar can reduce overall training time and can be especially useful when dealing with an Alpha or a Beta personality type dog. Be sure to start with the lowest settings possible if you are wanting to use the ‘shock’ function and always give your dog a treat when they have successfully responded by following one of your commands. Over time your dog will learn to pay attention when you speak even without the collar and then the occasional treat will be more than sufficient. The E collar is simply an excellent temporary solution for when your dog is particularly aggressive or otherwise unresponsive to previous attempts at training.

Are shock collars cruel to dogs?

While they get a lot of bad hype, as we’ve stated before the current models are quite humane. Don’t take our word for it, though. Try it on yourself. Set your collar to the lowest setting and see how it feels on your hand. If you feel that the setting is inappropriate, simply use the tone or vibration options. The point is not pain, but rather to get your dog’s attention, and at this E collars excel.

Some final words

In this article we’ve discussed the best shock collars for training Husky dogs. If your dog has been responding poorly to training, this option might just be what you need to turn a dog that ignores you into an obedient and faithful friend. Just be patient with your pooch and never, ever use the collar as a punishment. Once you have their attention, give a command and a treat, and before you know it you won’t even need the collar!

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