What Are The Best Dog Bumpers For Hunting Training?

dog bumpersTraining a new pup in the art of hunting is a real pleasure. They’ve learned their basic commands and they are ready for more. The bumper, or dog-training dummy is inexpensive and a great tool to add for your training sessions. The problem is picking the right one. In this article we’ve gathered together some of the best dog bumpers out there so that you can take a look and see for yourself which ones you would like to add for your pup’s training. Without further ado, let’s discuss the best dog training bumpers!

Field Dogs 300 x 600

Dog retrieving bumpers

When it comes to training your Retriever, it’s all about practice, practice, practice! A good bumper will last a long time and has a number of features in place to help to ensure this. Typically they are going to be made of durable, chew resistant materials and a good bumper should also be waterproof as well.

Pricewise, they tend to be fairly inexpensive but we’ve included a higher end model in this article to give you a better idea on the range of bumpers out there. Let’s talk a little bit about the bumpers which we have selected for you to review and we’ll tell you what we like about them so that you can decide which is going to be best for you and for your dog. One thing we would like to mention beforehand, however…

Don’t forget to add a little realism

While all of these are fine bumpers, don’t forget that your dog should spend as much time around live birds as possible. This will get them used to the sight and the scent of them. The experience of chasing them around as a pup will help to ensure that they are excited when the real hunting begins, so be sure not to neglect this portion of your pups education. If access to live birds is a bit tricky, try adding scent products into the mix to spice up the realism. The more that you can teach the dog about the actual experience, the better, so get them used to the sights and scents as early as possible and you will virtually guarantee yourself a more successful experience when it comes to actually retrieving fresh game. You can count on it!

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Avery 2″ HexaBumper Dog Training Dummybest dog training bumpers

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Our first entry is from Avery, a company that is well-known and has been providing quality dog training bumpers for quite some time. This set of 6 comes with 6-sided design for easier grip, as well as throw ropes, firm bumpers that will discourage too much chewing, and their valve-less design will make sure that they don’t take on water. At around $45 you are paying just a little over 7$ per bumper, so these training bumpers are a pretty sweet deal.

dog training bumpersTeam REALTREE Duck Dog Rubber Training Dummy

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This Team Realtree 4-set of floating dog retrieving bumpers comes in orange and white (2 sets of each) and are made from a durable rubber to

” They can help an unsure pup to get that much needed retrieval practice”

ensure that they last a long, long time. They float, for easier training, and they all have throw ropes attached as well. At around 19$ a set they won’t break the bank, either. This is a great starter set and since they float rather well they can help an unsure pup to get that much needed retrieval practice. The bright coloration also helps to make sure that they are never hard to find, either.

SportDOG Canvas Dummydog retrieving bumpers

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SportDOG produces nice training canvas dummies and these are no exception. Designed to simulate the actual size and weight of game, the advantage in going with a canvas dummy is that they will definitely hold a scent. Take advantage of this further by loading them up with scent and letting your pup find them and you’ve got yourself a recipe for training success. They float quite well like other dummies too and at around 7$ per dummy then you should definitely consider adding one to your training tool collection.

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canvas retrieving dummiesAvery ATB EZ-Bird Training Dummy

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At around 20$ the Avery ATB is the most expensive of our entries as far as cost per dummy but just take a look at it! As with the other dummies, it is designed to reflect a realistic size and weight but this model also actually looks like a duck. Once your dog has gotten used to some of the other bumpers then this is a great dummy to progress your pup to so that they can get used to the real deal.

So which one was our favorite?

Hands-down, we liked the Avery ATB training dummy. With realistic coloration and the proper simulation of size and weight we felt that this model really delivers the quality. As our second pick, we really liked the SportDOG canvas model as well since it is better suited to hold scent. If you only end up selecting 2 from this list then you could certainly do a lot worse than the Avery ATB and SportDOG canvas dummies. If your dog is a little younger and this is going to be their first set then you might want to go with the Avery hexabumpers, due to their overall hardiness and easy-to-grip surface. Don’t worry, your pup will be working up to the fancy ones in no time.

Some final words

In today’s article we’ve discussed our favorite picks for training bumpers for your dog. Keep in mind that depending on your training locale that these can sometimes get lost rather quickly, so be sure to go with bright, easy to find bumpers in the beginning before working up to the exotic colored ones, unless your dog already has a bit of training out of the way. Beyond this, just remember to practice as much as you can with your dog. When the time finally comes to see them in action then you will be most happy that you did!

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