Training Your Goldendoodle To Be On Its Best Behavior!

goldendoodle behaviorGoldendoodles. No one can deny their cuteness. Sometimes, though, your Goldendoodle can be a little grouch! So what can you do to ensure your Goldendoodle is always on their best behavior? Today we will talk about standard Goldendoodle and Mini Goldendoodle temperament problems and how to best deal with them so that your pup is less groucy and more… well, golden! Let’s discuss!

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Are bad temperament Goldendoodles trainable?

Yes, they certainly are. You might find that they need a little more patience then some other breeds but they can certainly learn to be as well-behaved as any others. So, what kind of behaviors can be expected? Some common Goldendoodle behavior problems are as follows:

  • Goldendoodles can become depressed in isolation – Goldendoodles are extremely social animals and as such, one of their problems is that too much isolation or not enough attention can result in your dog getting depressed. Give your dog lots of quality time with you and with other dogs at your local dog-park so that your dog will be happy and well-adjusted.
  • Goldendoodles are high-energy dogs – Goldendoodles are hyper little things, jumping up on you or your friends and getting into all kinds of things in the house if you are not careful. This will take a little adjusting to, but you can combat this a little by making sure that your Doodle gets a lot of exercise and playtime to tire them out a bit.
  • Goldendoodles can be mischevious – Your Goldendoodle is very smart and thus capable of getting into all sorts of mischief around the house. As long as the behavior is not destructive, the best thing that you can do it take it with a smile. This breed is very playful and scolding your Goldendoodle over little things can result in bad behavior later.
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Accepting your Goldendoodle’s ‘quirks’goldendoodle temperament

Once you have adjusted to your Goldendoodles temperment then training is a breeze. We’ve collected a few tips that can help you for when you are training your fuzzy little friend. When training Goldendoodles be sure to consider the following guidelines:

  • Avoid training sessions when your dog is energized – A hyper Goldendoodle is going to be less receptive to training sessions, as their attention span will be extremely short. Better to wait until your puppy is more relaxed before teaching them some new commands. Trust us, you’ll get much better results!
  • Keep your temper out of training – Don’t get angry with your Goldendoodle. The little one will just get confused or worse, they might become frightened of you. For best results, use only positive encouragement, so as treats when they do something right. A firm ‘no!’ when they do something wrong is okay, just don’t shout it. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.
  • Keep your command words consistent – Stick with one word or phrase when teaching a command. If you try to teach your dog to sit by using a bunch of different phrases, such a ‘sit there’ , ‘sit down’, and ‘sit now’ instead of simply ‘sit!’ then you will have one confused Goldendoodle. Keep your command words simple and consistent for the best results.
  • Consider a professional trainer if you don’t have the time – Goldendoodles are very smart and peculiar and if this is your first one and you are getting frustrated or don’t have much time for training, consider getting a pro to help you. You can find trainers using online resources such as Google or Yelp if you need them and this is an excellent way to get your Doodle the training that it needs.
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Goldendoodle tricks: Tiring your Goldendoodle

One trick that you can use if your Goldendoodle is extra-energetic is this: Give them a little time on your treadmill. If you are fitness-inclined and happen to have one at home, then see if you can get your doggy to walk on it in slow mode and then slowly speed it up a little. Many Goldendoodles love playing on a treadmill and you can work out nearby too if you like, it’s an excellent way to spend time with your Doodle while spending time on your health as well!

Remember that the training environment is important

This is a factor for all dogs but especially for Goldendoodles. You will get better results by training mostly in quiet, enclosed areas such as your living room as opposed to somewhere public and distracting like the park. You should still bring your dog to the

” You will get better results by training mostly in quiet, enclosed areas.”

park often, of course, but when teaching new tricks try to do so in a more quiet and focused environment and once it seems that your dog knows the trick then see if you can get them to perform it in a more public place. This is how you will know if the trick ‘took’ and your puppy has mastered it.

Be patient with your Doodle

As your Goldendoodle is very excitable and prone to mischief, the training process can sometimes seem like an uphill climb. Hang in there, though, and be patient with your furry friend. As long as you are consistent then your dog will learn whatever you wish to teach them quite quickly. Goldendoodles are very intelligent so you may find that they master new commands quite quickly. It’s amazing and fun to see.

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goldendoodle behavior problems

Some closing words

Today we have discussed the unique temperament and training of your Goldendoodle pup. Be sure that your dog is well-socialized and getting a lot of attention and you will find that they respond very well and energetically to training. Just be sure to bring lots of love, patience, and treats to the table and before you know it your dog will be performing tricks like a circus dog. Both of you are sure to have a great time during this process and you can look forward to many fun-filled years to come. We wish you and your furry friend the best!

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