The Best Training Tips For Your Labradoodle!

labradoodle trainingLabradoodles. They are so darned cute, aren’t they? Labradoodles are also sensitive, however, so there may be some potty accidents when you first bring your Lab-D home. Relax, we’ve got you covered! In today’s article we will discuss Labradoodle training and offer a few bits of advice to help you with your new Labradoodle-ly member of the family. So, if you are ready, let’s get started!

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How to train your Labradoodle puppy

Labradoodle puppy training is a necessity but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! The first thing that we would recommend is a bit of ‘crate training’. This involves taking an old wooden crate, a used baby playpen, or even a bit of plastic fencing that you can get from your local pet store to create a ‘puppy zone’ area. Next, we will need to make this place more comfortable for your puppy so we should add the following:

  • A comfy spot to sleep
  • a pee pad or a fake grass pad (in case of potty emergencies!)
  • a combination water and food bowl (don’t overuse, your puppy has a small bladder!)
  • Toys to keep your puppy occupied (hint: a Kong toy that you have filled with treat cream and frozen is a great way to keep your pup occupied!)
  • A blanket placed partially over the crate can produce a ‘den feel’ to your puppy’s play area that makes them more comfortable

How to train a Labradoodle to get used to the crate

Your Lab-D might be resistant to the crate at first. This is to be expected and no cause for alarm. What you will want to do is give your puppy brief sessions in the crate with toys and the television or music on in the background. You can sit nearby, but if your dog barks or whines you must NOT respond. If you come running every time that they whine then they will quickly pick this up and you’ll have to train them out of this habit. Stand firm and limit the initial sessions to 15 minutes at a time and your dog will start to get used to the crate.

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How to train a Labradoodle not to pee in the house how to train a labradoodleat night

Potty training is first and foremost after getting your pup home and used to the crate. Those little ‘accidents’ are the most trying on our patience (and your little one doesn’t mean it, they just don’t know better!). So, before bed, make sure to take your puppy on a walk and then place them in the crate. It is a good idea to remove the food and keep the water at a minimal, though you will have the pee pad there just in case so hopefully your puppy will take advantage in an emergency. When you take your puppy out first thing in the morning, give them a treat as soon as go to the bathroom and after a number of these outings your little one will get in the habit of going to the bathroom outside.

Labradoodle training tips

As your puppy is learning potty training you should take advantage of your time together and teach your pup some basic tricks. Learning to ‘sit’ or to come to you is a good place to start, as these commands are pretty basic and your dog can learn them pretty quickly. So, how do we start?

Teaching your Labradoodle to sit

Teaching your Labradoodle to sit is a cinch! You will want to have some treats handy for this. Once you’ve got your treats, simply spend a little time with your dog. When you see them sit then say ‘sit’ and give them a treat. It’s as easy as that! While it takes a few times for them to associate it, after awhile your dog will realize that sitting down when you say ‘sit’ gets them a treat (and you can wean them off this eventually but don’t worry about that for now.).

          ” Your dog starts to wonder if they didn’t obey fast enough.”

Teaching your Lab-D to come to you

This is another command that is very easy. To get your dog to come when you say ‘come here!’ or simply say their name, try the following:

  • Hold up a treat where your fuzzy friend can see it
  • Call out your pup’s name or say ‘come here!’
  • Rinse and repeat! Repetition is all that you need to cement the association with the command or the name with coming to you and getting a treat.
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Weaning your Labradoodle from so many training treats

Now that your Labradoodle is learning commands pretty well, how do you start weaning them off the treats? The easiest way is actually quite good for training reinforcement as well. Try using the “Rule of 3” when issuing commands that your dog has already learned. This means that every 3rd time you will give them a treat for performing the command that you have just issued. If your dog seems to lose interest with 3 you can try every 2 times, it all depends on you and the puppy. By doing this, your dog starts to wonder if they didn’t obey fast enough to get a treat on those times when no reward was provided, so this tends to make them extra-eager to comply quickly and get a snack. After your pet has gotten used to a treat every 3 times you can move to every 5 and make the treats situation more manageable (and avoid your dog becoming a ‘treat-mercenary’!)

labradoodle puppy training

Some final words

In this article we’ve explored some tips and tricks that you can employ in training your Labradoodle puppy. We know that you and your new best friend are going to have many happy adventures together but please understand that things may be a little shaky in the beginning as your pup adjusts to their new environment. Just be patient in teaching them the rules of the house and before you know it your newest family member will be behaving like a champ!

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