Shock Collar Training For Aggressive Dogs

shock collar for aggressive dogsShock collars get a bad rap mostly from a lack of information on the subject. When used responsibly and in an informed fashion, a shock collar can be a valuable tool when it comes to turning an aggressive dog into a well-behaved member of the family. In this article we’ll discuss what you should know about a shock collar and how it may be utilized for properly training an aggressive dog. After all, isn’t it best to know the facts so that you can make an informed decision? Let’s discuss

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Do shock collars work on aggressive dogs?

Yes, they most certainly do work but it is very important to use them properly. Also known as e-collars and ‘remote collars’, shock collars have been used for years to successfully train many an aggressive dog.

E-collar training for aggressive dogs

An e-collar used properly in training is great for aggression. That said, it does need to be used properly. For instance, you cannot simply put an e collar on your dog and trigger the remote every time that they do something bad. While this method may work with some dogs, for the majority of them this method will simply confuse the dog or can make aggression worse. There is a more proactive way to use them.

E-collar training for dog aggression : Do shock collars hurt?

Shock collars have a bit of a bad rap due to some of their early incarnations. Shock collars from the 1960’s, actually. Those collars were nor very nice at all. Modern shock collars, however, are quite different. The E-collars of today are more like the stimulation pads used in therapy sessions. Yes, they are noticeable, but they are quite mild and are not going to hurt your dog. Don’t believe us? In 2007 the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was quoted as stating that modern technologies in e-collars have been used effectively with many dogs for preserving their well-being and safety as well as increasing their bonds with their owners. A modernly shock collar can certainly help with aggressive dogs.

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Proper E collar training for dogs

Start with distraction. When your dog is showing aggressive behavior you can trigger the remote and say ‘Look at me!’. When you have the dogs attention give them a treat. Work your way up from here with increasing levels of distance. We should note, you want your dog to have a little standard obedience training first. This way when the dog displays aggressive behaviors you can use the remote to get their attention until they have learned ‘look at me’ and then follow with another command, such as ‘come to me’ or ‘lay down’. The goal with a shock collar is getting their attention and teaching them to behave from a distance.

So what is the best shock collar for aggressive dogs?

There are a number of collars on the market for you to choose from. As we mentioned previously, more modern shock collars carry a humane design (some offer beeping or other attention getters as well) so you can use them with confidence. We’ve taken the liberty of collecting a few quality examples to give you an idea of what to look for.

SportDOG brand 425 Remote trainer will a shock collar help with an aggressive dog

The SportDOG remote trainer has a 500 foot range and will support training up to 3 dogs. Waterproof and submersible in up to 25 feet of water, this collar also offers vibration, beeping, and shock modes, so you can get their attention without even using the shock function. While the range could be better, 500 feet is still an ample distance and we feel that this model has a lot to offer.

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Bark Collar 2019

e collar training aggressive dogsThe Bark collar has some nice features as well. Including beeping, vibration, and shock modes, you can also utilize it so that it will attempt to get your dogs attention first by

          “An automated option if your dog is a problem-barker.”

beeps and vibrations only, without resorting to a shock unless the dog continues barking. The technology incorporated within the product can actually identify a dog barking so it is an automated option if your dog is a problem-barker. This model also charges within 2 -3 hours and after that will generally run for about 15 days. Lastly, the shock settings rate from 1-100 so you can test it on yourself if you like to find the exact level that you wish to employ with training your dog.

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Newset Dog Training Collardo shock collars work on aggressive dogs

With an impressive range of 2500 feet, the Newset collar is great for parks or just about anywhere. It has a memory for settings so that you can configure it as you like and offers 3 training modes that you can employ as a distance training measure. This model is water resistant as well and the receiver won’t be hindered in the slightest by submersion. You can also set the training mode to respond one of two ways, either beep and vibration only or beep, vibration, and shock. As with the other models, you have the option to ignore the actual shock settings completely if you like. The point is to get your dogs attention, not to punish, and each of these models will help you to do exactly that.

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Some closing words

In this article we have discussed shock collars as a means of training an aggressive dog. While there is a stigma associated with them, we hope that the information which is contained in this article will help to demonstrate that modern shock collars are not humane but an effective means for helping to tone down the behavior of an aggressive dog. Making sure that your dog gets along well with other humans and animals is a must so that everyone can enjoy the park safely. These collars just give you a remote-controlled means of getting your dogs attention and just like any tool, it is all in how you use it! We wish you and your doggy happy training!

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