Potty Training Tips For Your 9 Week Old Puppy!

9 week old puppySo, we’ve heard that there is a new family member in the form of an adorable little 9 week old puppy. First, let us say congratulations! You’ve got some fun times ahead with your new best friend. That said, there are a lot of things that he or she doesn’t know yet. As the elder, it’s going to be your job to train them. In this article we are going to go over some tips and tricks for training your 9 week old puppy. So get your treats and your wits about you and let’s get started!

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Creating a schedule for your 9 week old puppy

While the schedule that we will recommend here is for a 9 week old puppy, you can use it for training a 7 week old puppy up to an 11 week old puppy as well. The main difference is that your 11 week old puppy will be sleeping more than a younger puppy and will be a little better about waiting for bathroom time.

9 week old puppy potty training sample schedule

At this age your puppy doesn’t sleep as much, as such you will be staying up late for awhile until your puppy’s sleep habit get a little closer to your own. You can incorporate this schedule with crate training as well and consequently get a little more sleep, and we will talk a little more about this shortly.

Crate training your puppy

Crate training is a good way to keep your puppy from going to the bathroom inside the house in the middle of the night. It also gives you a convenient place to put your puppy where they can play with toys when you need them not to be underfoot. This can be a godsend when potty training an 8 or 9 week old puppy. What you will want to do is obtain a small, wooden crate, or utilize an old playpen for babies, which you will customize for brief stays of puppy habitation. The inside of the crate should contain the following:

  • Pee pad or faux-grass pad (some actually have real grass and these come highly recommended)
  • Small water bowl
  • Various toys for your doggy
  • Somewhere soft to sleep. A folded blanket is fine or a small doggy bed will do.
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A sample puppy schedule11 week old puppy

Now that we have our crate handy, here is a sample schedule that you can use with your young puppy. Note, we do understand that some schedules may vary. With that in mind we recommend that you see how your puppy takes to it and adjust it if your puppy has particular times that they prefer to ‘do their business’.

  • 6 am: Wake up and take your little one out, it’s time to pee! Be sure to give your puppy a treat as soon they squat down or raise a leg to ‘water the trees’.
  • 7 am: Time for you and puppy to have a little breakfast. After this you can place your puppy in the crate while you shower and get ready for work.
  • 7:45am: Take your puppy out for the bathroom again before work and put them in the crate
  • 11 or 12:00: If you can come home for lunch (or have a friend check in) then it’s time to take puppy out for the bathroom again. Don’t forget those treats, of course. We want to reinforce the behavior of going outside to pee! After this, grab a little lunch for yourself and the little one. Another bathroom break for your puppy might be a good idea before returning your pup to the crate and going back to work.

          ” This is also a good time for 3-5 minute training sessions.”

  • 5 pm: Come home, take your puppy out for a potty break, then supervised runs around the house are okay. A nice frozen Kong toy can keep your puppy busy for awhile while you relax a little after work. This is also a good time for 3-5 minute training sessions in basic commands like ‘sit’ or ‘come here’.
  • 7 pm: Dinner time! Feed your pup (and yourself) and a potty break afterwards is a good idea. Following this you can let your puppy play (supervised) and one or two training sessions is a good idea.
  • 10pm: Time for puppy to take another potty break and it’s off to the crate for bed. While your puppy is still young they do require less sleep, so the next schedule entry is recommended. If you cannot do a late night potty break then a pee-pad in the crate will do for now.
  • 12am (optional): Late night pee time (your puppy has a small bladder.) Don’t worry, this is only for a few weeks.
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Patience is advised

Potty training can take awhile. Depending on your pup and on your schedule, it might be something that your puppy takes to right away or it could even take a few weeks. So if there are accidents be patient. Typically by the time you’ve gotten mad and scolded the dog they have no idea what you are upset about. In time your puppy will learn that they will have a chance to go outside on a regular basis and they will stop peeing in the house. We promise!

8 week old puppy potty training
Jai79 / Pixabay

In closing

In this article we have discussed some of the basics of crate training as well as how you can create a schedule to use with it to the purpose of potty training your pup. Just remember that your little one has a small bladder and doesn’t need as much sleep currently as you do. Try not to lose your temper with this, but rather to be patient, and soon your pup will be potty trained and sleeping on a more ‘normal’ schedule with the rest of the family. Just keep those treats handy and reward them whenever they go outside until they’ve figured it out. We wish you and your puppy the best!

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