Potty Training A Dog In An Apartment – How To Do It Right!

potty training a dog in an apartmentTraining a dog when you have a house and a yard is a bit easier than when you are living in an apartment. Thankfully, there are some tricks that you can use in order to take some of the hassle out of toilet-training your new furry friend. In this article we will discuss potty training a dog in an apartment so that you can take advantage of our techniques to make potty training less of a hassle. Let’s discuss potty training your puppy in an apartment!

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Potty training your puppy in the apartment comes at a price

Potty training inside a small or even larger apartment can be a bit stressful for both you and for your pooch. While the techniques we will advise you on will help, please keep a level-head and be patient with your little buddy. Unless caught in the act, a puppy already has their mind on something else typically by the time you can confront them with a mess so they won’t understand. We’ll describe some methods to get around that but we do advise patience! Your puppy will get there, don’t worry!

How to potty train a puppy in an apartment

First we want to consider how much space that you have available. Do you have enough space for a small wooden crate or perhaps some plastic fencing? A technique called ‘Crate training’ is very popular and quite effective for teaching your puppy not to go inside the apartment. First you want to get the crate or fence in a small area and put a pet bed inside. Along with this you will want some dog toys, a bowl for their water, and a puppy pee-pad for emergencies. The reason for the last is because a puppy of 8 – 10 weeks of age generally needs to go to the bathroom approximately every 3 hours. While you will want to create a walking schedule to reflect this, it may not be possible at night for everyone to maintain, so the pee-pad is good for emergencies.

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How to potty train a dog in an apartment: Nighttime

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While it may be difficult, consider for the first 2 weeks taking your puppy for one walk after the ‘bedtime walk’. Like a baby, attention at 1 or 2am in the morning is sometimes required, and in your puppy’s case it is for a last walk of the day. We understand that this is difficult but if you can do this for the first 2 weeks that you have your puppy at home it can help immensely. As your puppy gets older, they will be able to wait until morning much more effectively and you’d be surprised how far that one extra walk a day can go towards preventing accidents.

Teaching puppy not to use the potty in the apartment during the day

Catching your puppy ‘in the act’ is going to be a very important part of potty training for the inside of your apartment. To this effect, you might be interested to know that e collars can be of immense assistance. While they have a scary reputation, modern e collars are not only safe but quite humane. Now, we are not suggesting shocking your dog. While the current in the modern collars is much the same as the muscle-stimulation treatments you’d find used in physical rehabilitation, there is no need to even use this option if you do not wish to. This is because modern e collars also have vibration and beeping options that you can simply use to get your dogs attention. When you see your dog about to do their business, send a vibration to the collar and give them a firm ‘no!’ followed by an immediate trip outside. This can take a little time but your dog will realize that pooping in the apartment is not permitted.

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Be sure to create a vigorous walking schedule

99% of the potty training problems can be solved with a schedule that runs like clockwork. As soon as you wake, give the dog a walk. After breakfast, another walk. By utilizing 3 hour walk intervals in the beginning until your puppy is capable of ‘holding it’

“Demonstrate to your puppy that they won’t have to wait too long.”

for longer times then you can help to assure your furry friend that there will be a time for them to go –outside of the apartment. Puppies in general don’t like to use the bathroom where they live so a vigorous schedule will demonstrate to your puppy that they won’t have to wait too long.

What if I have to go to work?

This can be more difficult. We understand that not everyone has time to watch their puppy all day. If you have a close friend or a neighbor that you can trust to help with walks, then this is great. If not, you can utilize your crate for when you are gone. This is probably going to be a good idea in any case, at least until your puppy can play unsupervised in the house. To help to encourage peeing outside, instead of a standard pee pad you can get some models with actual grass. This makes cleanup easier and helps to cement the association with peeing and being outside. Just try to have a friend on backup for the off days when you may have to come home later than usual or things could get quite messy!

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In closing

In this article we have described some measures which you can use in order to properly potty train your dog when you live in an apartment. While we realize it can be frustrating for both of you, just keep reminding yourself that your puppy wants you to be happy. Once they know that you want them to only go to the bathroom outside then they will do their very best to comply but you must be patient. Your dog is still just a baby right now. So be patient with your pup, you’ll soon be happy that you did!

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