Potty Train Your Pup With A Dog Grass Pad!

dog grass padAhh, potty training. It is probably the most frustrating part of training your pup. You can use a crate to keep your furry friend from using the house as a bathroom (generally a dog will not urinate inside their crate) but you can’t watch them all of the time and accidents do happen. A dog grass pad is one solution that can help if you don’t always have time for a walk. So how does this work and where do you get a hold of a grass pad for your pet? In this article we will discuss these things and more so that you can make an informed decision to decide if an artificial grass pad is a good potty solution for your dog!

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Why do I need a grass pad for dog pee?!

You might not necessarily need one. Generally a grass pad is adopted as a solution for those who have only a patio instead of a backyard. In some cases, standalone combinations of a box and pad may be used for when someone has a condo, for instance, with no outdoor space at all. In this article we have some examples of the patio variety as these are the most commonly used. The utilitarian function of these is pretty much what you would think. If your puppy needs to go and you are running late for work or otherwise do not have time for a walk, you can take your pooch to the patio (or potty-o, in this case) and let them do their business on the grass pad. Alternately, you can use this in a backyard to encourage your puppy to only use one place. While this method requires a little upkeep (less so with some varieties as you will see), it provides a solution for pesky outdoor-space issues.

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Can dogs pee on artificial turf?

You will need to get them used to it but yes, your dog can certainly learn to use artificial turf. Some units incorporate real grass as well, which makes it easier when it comes to teaching your puppy where to go.

Is a grass ‘pee pad’ safe?

The reason why people wonder about this has to do with how they were previously manufactured. Earlier models were made with lead among their ingredients, which is definitely not good for you or your doggie. These days, a grass ‘pee pad’ for your dog is lead-free, due to agreements with the manufacturers to ensure that their products are lead-free. This means that you can incorporate this solution with confidence.

Outdoor solutions: Dog grass pad

So where do you get one of these? We’ve taken the time to compile 4 examples that you can use as an outdoor solution for placing on the patio to use in emergencies. Without further ado, this is what we found.

STARROAD-TIM Artificial grass rug dog grass pad outdoorturf for dogs

Measuring in at 39.3 x 31.5 inches, this selection is great for pups and small doggies. It’s non-toxic, easy to clean, and it’s also weatherproof so rain or shine it’s ready for when you absolutely cannot take your doggie for a walk. Easy to set up, just unroll it and it’s ready, and cleanup just takes a little soap and water to make it good to go for the next use!

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Savvygrow artificial grass for dogs

artificial grass for dog pottyThis one comes in many sizes, with the largest being 6.5 foot by 13 ft. The model we are showcasing is fit more for smaller dogs, measuring in at 17 in x 24 in. Non toxic, this model is resistant to color fades and includes drainage holes in its design. It has a no-slip rubber underside and setup just requires you to unpack it and put it where you like.

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Fortune-star artificial grass dog matdog pee grass pad

Like the Starroad, this one measures at 39.3 x 31.5 inches and is made of quality materials to help it resist temperature and other environmental variables that can degrade an artificial turf of lesser quality than this one. Non toxic (of course) and with

                   “The grass can act as a natural odor neutralizer.”

drainage holes, this model also comes with a guarantee that if you are not satisfied you can simply return it for a refund. Not too shabby, Fortune-star.

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Fresh patch disposable dog potty with real grass

pet grass padThis one is a the list favorite. The Fresh patch measures at 16 x 24 inches and includes real grass! This is a very desirable option for your patio, as the grass can act as a natural odor neutralizer. With doggies urine being absorbed in the roots of the grass this means that cleanup is a snap and let’s face it, having real grass really looks much nicer and a bit more posh than a synthetic option. Last but not least, it’s also a great solution for winter when your puppy needs to go and the snow or rain outside is making that a difficult option. So consider the possibility of real grass for your doggy ‘pee-pad’ as an emergency patio potty. You’ll be happy that you did.

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Do they have to be replaced a lot?

One of the nice things about utilizing a doggie ‘pee pad’ is their durability. As these are specially manufactured for your doggy to use they tend to be quite durable and should not requirement replacement anytime soon. With the artificial models listed here you can also simply leave it rolled up and safely stored to use only when necessary and this can extend their longevity either further.

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Some final words

If time constraints are making walks difficult or should you find yourself having to move to a new place without a lot of outdoor space, a puppy ‘pee pad’ might just be the solution for you. You can even use them to designate a place in your yard if you should be lucky enough to have a nice one. Just teach your puppy to use the mat and you and your furry friend will be… ahem.. good to go!


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