On The Cesar Milan Method of Potty Training For Your Pup

cesar millan potty trainingNoted canine expert Cesar Milan has a few tips for potty training that can help you if your pup is resistant to your current methods. Also known as the ‘dog whisperer’, Cesar Milan has full episodes out there on potty training that you can look at and in today’s article we will review a few of the tips that this dog behaviorist has to share. So, what does the dog whisperer have to say about potty training? Let’s discuss!

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Dog potty training with Cesar Milan

So, what is so special about the dog whisperer house training episode? Well, part of the experience is his understanding of dog psychology. This means that while Cesar Milan is telling you about toilet training your dog you are also learning a little more about why your dog behaves the way that they do. It gives you a little insight into your best friend, as it were. A New York times bestseller, it seems that his expertise is quite accepted worldwide. So what sort of things does he recommend when potty training your dog?

House training with the Dog Whisperer

One of the first things that Cesar recommends is consistency. A consistent daily schedule, over time, shows your dog that there will be plenty of times when they can have a bathroom break and that there is no reason to go in the house. This schedule can be a bit rigorous with a puppy, at least for a few weeks. When they are young, your puppy has a small bladder and this can even mean that you will want to take them on one late night 1 or 2am walk each night for a few weeks.

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Other Dog Whisperer techniques to help you potty train your pooch

Another recommendation to go with your scheduled potty breaks is this. Clean up ‘accidents’ quickly. Mother dogs tend to clean up after their pup’s messes immediately and you should do the same. The reason for this lies in associations. Your pup is going to be more likely to go to the bathroom in a place where they smell puppy poop scents already, so combat this by cleaning an area and cleaning it WELL when your puppy goes. It’s a bit of a hassle at first but it will pay off in the long run.

Beware of carpet cesar millan potty training

Keep a careful watch on your puppy if they are playing in the house and there is carpet nearby. Carpet is very soft and reminds your pup of standing outside in the grass. As such, this is a place where puppies often make ‘mistakes’. Try to keep them playing in an area far from the carpet if you can’t keep a constant eye on them and you can save the both of you a little stress.

Know that puppies have quick digestion

Pups have a high metabolism and what this means for you is that your puppy will want to go to the bathroom from 5 to 10 minutes after they have eaten. Make sure that you include this consideration in your puppy’s schedule, so that you quickly after every meal you are taking your furry friend for a much-needed walk. Your puppy will thank you for it!

Use only positive reinforcement

Getting angry and losing your temper is a big no-no when potty training your pup. Typically by the time you’ve located a poop your dog has mentally moved-on from thinking bathroom thoughts and they simply won’t understand why you are so angry. In order to encourage your pup going outside, bring plenty of treats and give them one each time that they raise a leg or squat down to do their business. In a few days you can start reducing the number of ‘pooping treats’ so that your dog your doggie doesn’t expect them every time and your dog should be almost perfectly potty trained by then.

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Don’t let your dog know when you are in a hurry

If you are in a hurry when you are taking your dog on a walk you have to be very careful. If your dog notices this, they will draw a bit on your nervous energy and this in turn will stress them out. This makes it harder for them to go and you will now both be

                             “Make sure that you keep your cool.”

outside longer than you were anticipating. So, even if you are in a hurry, you will want to make sure that you keep your cool. Let your doggie do their business and then the both of you can get back inside.

The Dog Whisperer house training online

If you would like to hear more tips in regards to the Cesar Milan method for house training your puppy you can always go to Google or Youtube and do a search on ‘Cesar Milan videos’. This will give you a current list of what is available for you online that you can watch in order to gain a little more insight into his particular methods for when it comes to training your pup. Alternately, there are also a lot of text options available if you would rather read his recommendations and save a little time by skipping the video. Just load up Google and you will soon be ready to go!

dog whisperer house training episode

Some final words

Today we have discussed Cesar Milan, a.k.a ‘The Dog Whisperer’ and his methods for making the most of your training schedule. If you find that none of the tips are working, one recommendation that we would make is that you consider a vet check-up if you feel that something may be amiss. Your puppy can sometimes become infected with parasites or suffer such things as urinary tract infections and these can get worse if left unchecked. So be sure to rule out this possibility if you find that nothing seems to be working properly for you and your pup. Beyond this, keep consistent and be patient and your dog will be well-behaved before you know it!

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