Names That Mean Gift From God?

names that mean gift from god When you are naming your dog then a ‘name of faith’ is an excellent idea. After all, who is more faithful that your dog? Always there for you, they even seem to ‘scent out’ when we are depressed. With that sort of loyalty in mind, we have collected a few names which mean ‘gift from God’ in hopes that we can help you to name your next furry friend or at least inspire you in the right direction!

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The importance of choosing the right name

Names have a lot of weight to them. Some people (and yes, dogs too!) grow into a name, others were named that way in the first place because we ‘just had a feeling’. Whatever the magic is, names have a lot of significance and choosing the right one is very important to us. Think of it as the most popular ritual that has survived since the dawn of time.

There is nothing wrong with waiting a little to see your dog’s personality

If you have just gotten your puppy home then you should give him or her a little time to adjust before naming. This gives them time to relax and show you who they are. A dog in a new home is going to be a little shy at first and so it can be hard to know if you are seeing their personality or if they are still scared of the new people or the new place. Waiting a little lets you get to know your dog a little better before you decide which name is going to fit them the best.

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Our favorite names of faith

Now that we have gone a little into the importance of choosing the right name we have a few names to share with you which we hope that you will like. As promised, these are names of faith, with many of them meaning ‘gift from God’ and we have thrown in a few others which you might like as well. Without further ado, here are the names!

Thaddeusnames that mean gift from god

Our first entry is Thaddeus, which comes from the Greek Thaddaios and of the Aramaic “Thaddai”, meaning ‘Heart’. The ‘gift from God’ meaning is thought to be tied with this name as well, due to it’s possible relation to Theodore or Theodorus. While Biblical scholars disagree a bit on all of the roots, it is a good name for a faithful dog with a strong body and a mighty heart.


Famous sculptor and also the name of one of the ‘teenage mutant ninja turtles’, Donatello is a name that actually has a rich history to it, as well as a fine ring, and a good meaning. Meaning ‘given’ or ‘God has given’, if you are worried you can always call your dog ‘Don’ and tell those who ask that it is the diminutive of Donatello (or do like us and only use the full name when you need to stop your dog from doing something naughty!). If you would like a name that is a little ‘outside of the box’ but that can also sound plain when you need it, then Donatello might be a good choice for your furry friend!

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Iva is a female dog’s name which some have argued means ‘gift from God’ although it is more likely to mean ‘God is gracious’. It has a lot of roots in Eastern Europe, Old English, and Hebrew (where it is said to come from ‘Ivana’). In Eastern Europe it is ‘Ivanka’ and in Old English you know the name as ‘Ivy’. If any of these variations seem suited for your furry friend then this is a good name of faith for you to consider.


names that mean gift from god Now, before you worry about ‘Benedict Arnold’ you should know that the name Benedict has been carried by many saints throughout the years (and it also shortens as ‘Ben’, which is a good, faithful name). Benedict comes from the Latin ‘benedictus’, meaning ‘blessed’, although the actual roots are the Latin ‘bene’ meaning ‘good’ and ‘dicte’, which means ‘to speak’. If you like a faith name that also shortens pleasantly to something catchy, then ‘Ben’ or ‘Benny’ might be a good choice for that frisky little puppy at home.


Another good name of faith for a female dog is ‘Jana’, meaning ‘God is gracious’, and it is also sometimes spelled ‘Yana’ as the Russian version of ‘Jane’. This is a pretty name which you can use if your dog is a little princess and you think that this name of faith might fit her. It is also a well travelled name, with versions of it showing up in Brazil as Janaina, the Arabic ‘Jannah’, and the Albanian ‘Jehonah’ (which incidentally means ‘Echo’ in this form). Whichever form tickles your fancy, it’s a great way to dress up the old classic ‘Jane’!

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Our final entry is uncommon for a female dog but beautiful all the same. Dorothy comes from the Greek

“Dorothy comes from the Greek ‘Dorotheus’, meaning ‘God’s gift’”

‘Dorotheus’, meaning ‘God’s gift’ and aside from its deep roots it brings to mind characters such as the iconic visitor to the Land of Oz. Between 1904 and 1940 this was one of the top 10 names for girls in the United States, only beginning to fade in 1961, but if you would like a name that has an old-timey feel to it to go with your dog’s sweet personality then Dorothy might be the right name for your little one!

In closing

In this article we have explored the importance of selecting the right name as well as given you a few examples of some solid names of faith which you may consider for your dog. Non-dog owners just don’t understand it, but these furry best friends of ours are loving and faithful and they deserve a name that fits them to just right. If none of these names were perfect, we hope that you’ve at least found a little inspiration and we wish you and your new puppy the best!