Kong Padded Comfort Dog Harness: A Review

kong harnessWhen you take your dog out you COULD just use a leash and a collar, but there are better options. A harness gives your dog some better freedom of movement. Why pull them around by their neck all the time? This, of course, begs the question as to which harness you should use. Today we will review the Kong Comfort harness so that you can get some facts about this item and decide if this might not be a good fit for your furry friend. Without further ado, let’s get to the ‘reviews goodness’ and tell you more about the Kong dog harness!

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The advantages of a harness

A harness provides a better degree of control over your dog. This is especially useful if you have a young pup who hasn’t quite gotten used to the whole ‘leash’ idea. Dogs sometimes ‘slip’ their collars as well and if they aren’t used to walking around in public just yet then this can be extremely dangerous. A harness provides a means of securing your pup so that you can both walk in confidence.

Kong Dog Harness specifications

The Kong Comfort harness is made with quality materials. A durable nylon framework of webbing provides padding and strength to help to ensure that your dog is both comfortable and secured. A padded handle is also present on this type of harness that you can use if you need to further prevent your dog from running. Overall the construction is excellent. We would have preferred metal buckles (this model currently sports plastic ones), however these are less likely to get hot in the sun.

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A company with a good track recordkong dog harness

Founded in 1976 by Joe Markham, Kong has enjoyed a long and successful run that continues to this day. Their most popular product is the Kong Classic chew toy, which the founder fashioned in prototype as a means to stop his own dog from chewing rocks and other items that were bad for his teeth. The Kong toy itself, made from a natural rubber compound, provides a chew toy which you can also fill with foodstuffs to keep your dog occupied for long periods of time. The shape of the product led to both the product’s and the company’s name, as a friend of Markham described it as ‘looking like an earplug for King Kong. Popularity of this product led to more diverse offerings, such as the Kong Comfort padded harness that we are reviewing today!

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How to put on a Kong dog harness

So, how do you get your dog into one of these things? Well, the first thing to look for is the neck loop. The next part to look out for is the neoprene handle. This goes on the center of your dog’s back. So, put on the neck loop, move the handle to the center of the back, and from here the rest is easy. You have a set of buckles which secure behind the front legs, as well as a center strip from the neck loop which connects to these as well once they have been secured. Once this is done, your dog is fully secured, comfortable, and ready to go!

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Where can I find a Kong padded harness?

Kong harnesses can be obtained at just about any pet store. Alternately, you can certainly obtain them with ease online. We’ve taken the liberty of finding a listing to show you an example from Amazon.

Kong comfort harness in blue

kong padded harnessHere is an example of this harness found on Amazon. This one is packaged from Barker Brands with licensing through Kong. The durable harness is good for medium sized dogs and the handle-portion can also be used for securing a seatbelt if your

          ” The handle-portion can also be used for securing a seatbelt”

doggy likes to take drives with you. Be sure to check out the listed reviews for the Kong harness. Amazon is a great way for rating a product in this fashion and you can get a lot of good feedback from fellow dog owners, so be sure that you give the reviews a glance!

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Harness training your dog

When getting your dog used to the new harness there are a few things that you want to be extra-observant about. First, signs that it is a bad fit or secured improperly may include:

  • If your dog is able to squirm out of it (of course)
  • If your dog doesn’t want to walk at all and fighting you
  • Back piece/the handle is moving around a lot
  • Chafing and loss of fur may indicate it is secured too tightly

More harness tips

Once your dog is used to the harness then they will go absolutely crazy with excitement whenever they see it. First, of course, we need to get them used to the idea of the harness and secure the understanding that the harness means it is time to go for some fun outside!.To help to get them to this point, we recommend the following:

  • After unpacking the harness, show it to your doggy and let them smell it. Give them a treat.
  • Let your dog wear the harness around the house a bit to get used to it. Offer a treat after you put it on and when you take it off. Try this a few times before the first walk.
  • While your dog is wearing the harness in the house, play with them to distract them so that they will notice the harness less. This helps them to adjust and is much preferable to simply leaving them alone with a strange new article fastened to them.
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In conclusion

Kong has a long association with quality products and the Comfort harness is no exception. Your dog can wear it comfortably and it will secure them well so that the two of you can stroll the park or sidewalks with perfect confidence. Just use our tips to get your dog used to the harness and the two of you will be good to go!



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