K9 Protection Training: Technique and How To Find Pros?

k9 training protectionAre you looking to train your dog for personal protection, for you or for your family? If you know what you are doing there are actually a number of things that you can teach your dog that will help them to learn what they need to to do when strangers are around or when it comes to responding to threats. In this article we will discuss K9 protection training and go into a few techniques that you can use and also tell you how you can locate professionals in your area who can provide this training for your dog. If you are ready, let’s talk

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K9 Security training

There are a number of good reasons for training a protection dog. K9 protection training can make sure that family members are protected, for instance. If you own a small business where security is required, protection training can come in handy there as well. Now, does this sort of training make your dog antisocial? Well, this can be the downside

K9 protection dog training: Socialization

One of the things that you need to consider if you are considering training your dog for protection and attacks. Generally a protection dog should only have one friend and that friend should be you. So if you are looking to have your dog socialize with family and friends as well then you are going to be limited in what you can accomplish in this regard. You need to decide if you want a protection dog or if you want a pet.

K9 protection dog training: Alternative optionsk9 protection training

Instead of direct attacks, you can certainly train your dog to bark when strangers arrive. Sometimes, in fact often, this is quite enough to deter a potential attacker. Also, some of your options are going to depend on your dog’s breed and unique personality. The good news for this is that a profession trainer may be able to help you find a nice ‘medium area’ when it comes to home and personal security without taking away the fun and cuddle aspects of your furry best friend.

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Protection training for puppies

Training your dog to bark at strangers is one of the easiest thing to do. The reason for this is simple. Your dog is ALREADY protective of you and very territorial. The odds are that your puppy already barks at the mailman, the neighbor’s cat, and anybody else passing the window. So how do you get them to keep barking at strangers?

Reinforce that behavior.

Give your dog a treat the next time you see them barking at strangers. Offer praise such as ‘good dog!’ when you see this behavior. Now, the caveat to this sort of training is ‘how do I get the dog to stop?’.One training aid that you might consider is a ‘bark collar”. A bark collar is an electronic collar that can be used to stop problem dogs from

” A ‘warning’ is only delivered if that period of time has passed.”

barking or (and this is the important part) stop them from barking for too long. You see, these electronic collars recognize the sound of a dog bark and will typically have a large number of modes that adopt different strategies with regards to this behavior. One option is typically to allow barking for a small, pre-set period of time, where a ‘warning’ is only delivered if that period of time has passed. At this point, the collar can respond typically in one of 3 ways:

  • Mild shock (don’t worry, we’ll explain)
  • Vibration
  • Beeping

Wait, you want me to shock my dog?!

Actually modern E collars are quite humane. Have you ever had therapy for a back problem? Often the therapists will apply a series of pads on your muscles to lightly stimulate them into relaxing. The current level for these E collars is the same. The collars actually get a bad reputation from earlier incarnations that were available in the 1960’s. These models were definitely not nice, with most, if not all of the settings being painful. Modern collars are not painful and with the vibration and beeping options, you can still use them without fear of hurting your little buddy.

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So I can just make the collar vibrate or beep by remote?

Yes, indeed. A number of dog owners use the collars with these options only and get excellent results. The trick is to use it to get your dogs attention so that you can issue a command, rather than annoying and confusing them by clicking it every time they do something wrong. Further, with the bark collars, everything is automated so you just have to configure the thing and then it works on it’s own. It’s a great tool for novices and experts alike, this is definitely not the E collar that your parents heard horror stories about.

How do I find K9 protection training near me?

If all of this sounds daunting or if your personal schedule simply won’t allow for lots of intensive training then there are other options available to you. The best way to find them is to simply make a quick visit to the internet. Open your browser and Google ‘k9 protection training in’ and add the name of your city. You should immediately find pages of information that can lead you to local, reputable trainers. We recommend taking note of the trainer’s names and looking up their businesses on Yelp.com. This website is designed so that you can see the ratings of local businesses. This will let you know at a glance if this business has a good enough reputation for you to consider enrolling your pup in their school.

k9 protection training near me

Some final words

We hope that this article has provided you a good starting point when it comes to K9 protection training. Remember, your dog already has some protective instincts, so simple obedience training might be the best option but if you need some more aggressive training the pros can certainly help. Good luck training your puppy!

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