Is My Puppy Aggressive Quiz: All On Dog Behavior

A lot of people look for an “is my puppy aggressive” quiz, worrying about trust and any potential attacks! Fortunately, there are reliable quizzes you can check out and do to get a gist on how your dog feels. These quizzes are extremely helpful in identifying if your dog has aggressive behavior so you’re able to correct it in the long run.

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But what questions should you ask and what can you expect from your dog? Read on as I show you the questions and answers to the dog behavior quiz to help you out!

Is My Puppy Aggressive Quiz

There are so many different quizzes to take to see if your dog acts a certain way. May it be the “is my dog sick quiz” or “does my dog trust me quiz,” you’ve probably heard and taken it all! To learn if your puppy is aggressive, here are the questions to answer:

is my puppy aggressive quiz

1. When my dog meets strangers for the first time, my dog stares into their eyes, attempting to:

•Say hi

•See if they can be trusted

•Show his submissiveness

•Show that he’s comfortable and that he’s challenging the stranger

2. When I give my dog commands, he would yawn because:

•He seems relaxed and enjoying his time

•He’s bored

•He’s not taking you seriously

•He’s nervous

3. My dog chatters his teeth because

•He can smell a female dog in heat

•He’s hungry hungry

•He’s cold

•He’s thirsty

is my dog dominant quiz

4. When my dog plays around with other dogs, he would hump male dogs because:

•He’s having fun and playing around

•He’s a homosexual

•He wants to show his dominance

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•He likes the other dog a lot

5. My dog tends to shred things at home because:

•He’s letting you know he’s angry with you

•He’s having fun

•He feels bored or anxious

•He feels sad

6. My dog tends to take people’s hands in their mouths without biting, since:

•He enjoys nipping at people

•He wants to say hello

•He shows his dominance

•He feels uncomfortable and seems ready to bite

7. When I see my puppy doing his toilet business on the floor, he would roll over on his back than urinate more. This is because:

•He isn’t housetrained yet

•He’s submissive

•He wants to make his territory

•He may have urinary tract infection

8. I’m extremely sure that my dog has no fleas but he still scratches his neck while I teach new things. This is because:

•He wants a break for rest and to calm down

•He’s a stubborn puppy

•He may have itchy or dry skin

•He feels nervous

9. When I catch my dog doing something wrong and I yell, he would push his ears flat and black as well as turn away to avoid eye contact because:

•He’s submissive

•He’s fearful

•He’s stubborn

•He’s guilty

is my dog depressed quiz

10. When my dog sees a dog or stranger they don’t know, he’ll snarl and growl, then start going into defense mode, barking. This is because:

•He’s protecting me

•He’s afraid and may bite or run away

•He feels anger

•He’s showing dominance and that he will bite

Do take note that this test isn’t an official “is my dog dominant quiz.”

Once you’ve already ticked and figured out your answers, you can now refer to this website for official results! Here is the gist of the answers and what it means for your dog:

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•If you answered mostly from the first bullet point, then your dog is NOT aggressive and just requires more training. 

•For those who answered mostly from the second bullet point, it indicates your dog is friendly and with a balance of both dominance and submissiveness, depending on the situation.

•If you answered mostly from the third bullet point, your dog is stubborn and feels more dominant in the household. He shows some signs of aggression, though it can be fixed with strict training.

•For those who answered mostly from the fourth bullet point, your dog is aggressive and it’s time to correct the behavior before it’s too late! With strict training and taking time to see the cause behind the aggression, they can start trusting you and his surroundings.

Do take note that this test isn’t an official “is my dog dominant quiz.” As much as possible, it’s best to still take advice from professionals such as his veterinarian or trainer. That way, they can pinpoint if there are forms of aggression and the proper ways to correct it. 

What If I Have An Aggressive Puppy? 

Stop aggressive biting by redirecting his attention to a chew toy if he bites you

Now that you’re familiar with the “is my puppy aggressive quiz,” what are ways to help them out? Follow these tips to help them deal with their negative emotions:

•Manage their behavior by managing their environment. Avoid too much of rough play and take a break if he starts growling or biting too hard

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•Stop aggressive biting by redirecting his attention to a chew toy if he bites you

 • When playing with other people or dogs, put him in a long training leash to moderate playtime

•Allow your dog to socialize with other people and dogs properly. Slowly introduce him to different types of dogs and people of all ages. 

•Train your aggressive puppy by getting him used to being handled, snuggled, and petted without triggering biting or chewing

Teach your puppy to leave any things or activity when commanded. So when he starts playing with a toy too aggressively or begins to bite and nip, he will stop immediately upon you order him to.

Wrapping It Up

Dealing with an aggressive dog can be quite difficult, especially if they’re hard to train! Fortunately, if you discover the symptoms while they’re still puppies, you can lessen the aggression. Make sure that you take time to find the root cause and use the right methods in calming them down, giving them love and affection. 

I hope this “is my puppy aggressive” quiz helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and take the quiz to see what you should do for your puppy now. You can also try other quizzes such as the “is my dog depressed quiz” or “would my dog protect me quiz!”

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on this dog behavior quiz, then comment below! Your thoughts are much appreciated. 

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