How To Stop A Dog From Pooping In The House?

how to stop a dog from pooping in the houseSo, you’ve got a new puppy or a dog and just when you think you’ve got them potty trained it happens. There’s been pooping in the house. So, what can you do? In this article we are going to discuss how to stop a dog from pooping in the house so that you can deal with this issue quickly and with confidence. Let’s discuss!

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Is my dog pooping in the house on purpose?

There is always a chance that this could be the case but usually this is pretty easy to tell. If family members are arguing, for instance, a well-trained dog will sometimes act out by leaving a poop to display their disdain. If this is not the case and your dog is indeed already potty trained, then it could be something more serious.

Possible medical reasons for your dog pooping in the house  

When you take your dog on walks, sometimes part of the challenge is preventing them from eating new and interesting things. Dogs can get parasites which can cause issues with pooping or urination and if this is the case you will want to see your vet for some medication. If urination in the house is a problem, then this could also be a sign of a urinary tract infection. If you think that this might be the case then a vet visit is a good idea in this scenario as well.

If it’s not medical, how do you stop a dog from pooping in the house?

This is where it can get tricky. For instance, forget about disciplining a dog that keeps pooping in the house unless you can catch them in the act. This is because of the way your doggies memory works. It is not as associative as your own memory and because of this your dog won’t even know what you are mad about. So, can you discipline a dog for this sort of thing?

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How to punish a dog for pooping in the housestop dog from pooping in house

One method that you can try involves a remote activated collar which beeps to get your dogs attention.. Known as an e collar, these sometimes get a bad rap as a number of models offer a mild current, vibration, or a beeping setting for training a dog. That said, you don’t have to ‘shock’ your dog. While these collars are humane (they aren’t your 1960’s scary collars due to current humane-treatment laws), you can do what you need with a vibration or a beeping sound to get their attention.

How to potty-train your dog with a remote collar

First you will want to designate an area for ‘time out’ for your puppy. You can use an old crate, the dog’s kennel, or any isolated space where they can be put for 3-5 minutes without getting themselves into trouble. Once you have a time out space then you will need to acquire an e collar (which is a piece of cake to do online!). The reason that we want a remote collar comes back to that associative memory. While dogs won’t know what they have done wrong if you ‘catch and punish’ afterwards, you can certainly train them by catching them in the act and this is MUCH easier to do with a remote control.

Steps to take for time-out potty training

Once you have the time out spot ready then you will want to start keeping your remote handy. Next, keep an eye on your furry friend. When you catch them trying to leave a little ‘surprise’ in the house then trigger the collar to get their attention while saying ‘Time out!’ loud enough for them to hear it (audible but not angry!). After this, lead your dog by the collar to their time-out spot and place them inside for a period of 3-5 minutes (no more!) and then take them out. At this point you can get them to follow a simple command like ‘sit!’ and give them a treat to show that there are no hard feelings. While it will take a few times of being put in time-out for house-pooping your dog will eventually get the message that it is NOT okay.

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Consider your current schedule compared to mealtimes as well

You will want to pay close attention to your walking schedule as this can also be an issue. If your doggie is not getting a walk after dinner then it might be that they simply couldn’t hold it. Try taking your furry friend on a walk at night before you to go to bed and this might clear things up as well. If this is a new dog that isn’t potty trained at all,

                   ” Take them on a walk first thing in the morning.”

then you can always use the time-out space as an overnight space (but you should use one or the other, if you are using this space for overnight then do NOT use it for discipline).

dog pooping in house on purpose

Setting up an overnight puppy den

Puppies usually won’t poop where they sleep so you can set up the time-out space as a puppy den instead. Include some toys so your dog doesn’t get bored, something to sleep on, and make sure that they get a walk before bedtime. After the walk, put them in the den and take them on a walk first thing in the morning. After awhile your dog will learn that they get a walk before bed and one in the morning and they’ll be much less likely to poop in the house.

In closing

In this article we’ve discussed what to do if your dog keeps pooping in the house. While it can be frustrating, the techniques which we have described in this article can definitely help you to nip this behavior in the bud. If nothing seems to work, check with the vet, but otherwise choose a technique and stick with it. Your dog will be behaving better in no time. Until next time, we wish you and your furry friend the best!

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