How To Remove Urine Smell From Clothes

how to remove urine smell from clothes Owning pets is a rewarding experience but there are caveats, especially when your new furry friend is just getting used to living in a new home. Accidents are going to happen, but before you throw away that clothing or give up on your furniture there are a few cleanup tips that you need to hear. Let’s talk about how to remove urine smell from clothes so that you can learn what WORKS and waste less time on the tips that do not.

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Be patient, accidents happen.

First of all, take a few breaths and don’t let yourself overreact. Getting mad isn’t going to work. If it’s a dog, unless you catch them in the act they aren’t going to understand why you are angry and if it’s a cat then it might be because THEY are angry (cats are funny like that, though it might still be an honest accident). Change out the litter box to make sure it is fresh or adopt a more aggressive potty training schedule for your pup and try a few of these tips to clean up the mess. Oh, and be sure to clean it WELL. Both dogs and cats are prone to use the same place if they can still smell their scents, so clean it and clean it again for good measure to avoid a repeat incident.

Removing dog urine from clothingnighttime how to remove urine smell from clothes

Removing dog urine from clothing can be done using our cat-urine removal recipe but if you don’t have any vinegar handy you can simply add a cup of baking soda along with the detergent and a cold wash cycle. You might need to do this 3 or 4 times but luckily dog urine is not quite as, well, difficult as cat urine and a few washes and an air-dry should do the trick. Make sure that you do not put this clothing into the dryer until you have washed and air dried it enough to know that the dog urine scent is fully removed. Putting it in too soon will magnify the scent and you might accidentally end up affecting other clothing, so stick to the cold wash and air dry until your nose tells you that the deed is done.

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Removing Cat urine from clothing

First we should note, if your cat has been around the house for awhile and this is a recent incident, make a note of what you were doing right before this. If you were arguing with a roommate or significant other then your kitty might just be acting out and you’ll want to be careful about letting them see that. Now, as far as cleaning those clothes, you will want to get some paper towels and soak the affected areas in cold water immediately. Blot the towels on them, rather than scrubbing (scrubbing will just get those scents deeper into the clothing). Next, you will want to mix the following:

  • One half cup of color-safe bleach (chlorine free)
  • One cup of vinegar
  • 3 cups of water

Let the clothing soak in this mixture for 2 or 3 hours and after this, apply baking soda to the affected area and let it sit there for about 15 minutes. Throw the clothing into a washing machine and wash on cold water only, with no detergent, and then hang them up to dry. Do NOT put them in the dryer as this can cause the scent to stick. If this doesn’t work, try again, as cat odors can be a little tricky but this will generally do the trick the first time.

Removing urine from furniture

Removing urine stains and scent from furniture is an exercise in patience but fear not, it is quite achievable and you can get your furniture back in shape with a little persistence. First we should note, if your dog or cat has urinated on a wooden part of furniture then we have a little bad news. If a standard

“You will likely need to sand it and to refinish it.”

cleaning doesn’t get the scent out then it means it has soaked into the wood, in which case you will likely need to sand it and to refinish it. As far as the fabrics, you can use our cat recipe in order to take care of it, applying and letting it air dry, or alternately there are some commercial enzymatic cleaners which are specifically designed to deal with pet urine that you can purchase and use. It may take a few cleanings to get it done properly but if you keep at it you WILL get the scent out, so hang in there!

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how to remove urine smell from clothes

Preventative measures if your dog or cat likes to go in the house

The best thing that you can do is a little preventative maintenance to stop this sort of thing from happening or to at least minimize your chances. With cats, they are generally very clean unless angered or competing with other cats, so generally just making sure that the litter box is always clean so that your cat doesn’t mind using it is going to work. For dog, especially new puppies, you utilize a technique called ‘crate training’ to avoid accidents. Create a small enclosure with baby fencing or with a wooden crate and place inside it a food and water bowl, some toys, a comfy place to rest (an old pillow or blanket works like a charm), and a pee pad for ‘emergencies’. When you cannot monitor your dog during the day you can put them in the crate with a little food and water and let them entertain themselves and you will want to make sure that a friend or relative keeps their walks regular in relation to their age(a puppy can generally ‘hold it’ for an hour per month of age).

In Closing

Today we’ve discussed how to remove urine stains from clothing and even furniture. We hope that these tips will help, just remember that your little one is not trying to upset you on purpose. With a little patience this problem will become a thing of the past!