How To Potty Train A Yorkie?

how to potty train a yorkie Yorkies are amazing little creatures. So much love in a little package and you can tell that they want nothing more than to please you. That’s one of the reasons, unfortunately, why potty training can be a real test of your patience. In today’s article we are going to discuss how to potty train your Yorkie so that we can help to reduce the stress and you can successfully teach your little one the rules of the house. Without further ado, let’s talk about potty training your furry friend!

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When to start potty training and some advice If your dog is older

The best time to start potty training for a Yorkie is going to be when they are around 6 to 8 months old. Yes, you can try to start earlier, but in all likelihood this will just be an exercise in frustration as your Yorkie is simply too playful for it to stick. At 6 to 8 months your dog will still be playful but less distracted by their surroundings and they will also have a slightly stronger bladder. Now, if your dog is older, don’t fret… you can still potty train them. Many people have adopted older Yorkies and potty trained them just fine. You will simply need to be patient, firm, and you will want to keep a pocketful of treats! Let’s talk about what you need to do.

How often do Yorkie pups need to use the bathroom, anyways?

Your Yorkie pup is likely going to need a ‘poo break’ 3 or 4 times a day and they will need to urinate approximately 10 or 11 times daily. This is because they have a very small bladder. Don’t worry, over time this will change but you will want to make sure that you schedule lots of walks until you get an idea of their internal schedule or they learn yours. In general, your puppy is going to need to go to the bathroom every 1 – 2 hours at first and the time in between will slowly get longer as your puppy gets older.

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Crate traininghow to potty train a yorkie

One of the first problems that you will need to address is how to stop your Yorkie from going to the bathroom in the house at night. Crate training is an excellent way to do this while at the same time teaching your dog not to scratch at your door all night in an effort to get you to let them in. In order to do crate training you will need to obtain the following:

  • A small crate, box, or baby fence to make an isolated doggie area
  • A small food and water bowl
  • Some toys for puppy
  • Pee pads or a ‘faux grass’ pad where your puppy can go to the bathroom in emergencies

In order to take advantage of crate training the first habit that you need to get into is placing your puppy into the crate every night before bed. Now, your Yorkie might whine when you leave the room but you must NOT respond to this. If you respond every time then you are teaching your Yorkie that they can whine or misbehave to get your attention and you need to show them that this is not the case. We also recommend in the case of the food and water bowl that you only put a minimal amount of water in there and little or no food. Your puppy should already be fine since they will have had dinner and they can make it overnight without snacking. The toys should help to keep them occupied and once they figure out that whining will not get them what they want they should calm down and learn that crate time is sleepy time. Be sure to get up bright and early to take them for their morning walk and you can even give them a treat for being a good dog, just be sure to clean their pee-pad or grass pad thoroughly each morning until they learn to hold it longer and eventually you  no longer need it. At this point they should be ready to stay in the house and not make any messes overnight. Now, you will also want to create a daily schedule for their walks to ensure that they are getting out enough to help to prevent messes from your side. Let’s discuss this.

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Creating a potty schedule for your dog

When creating a schedule for your puppy you will want to set up something that ensures your puppy can go every 3-4 hours. Since you are starting the potty training at 6 to 8 months this should be fine but you want to start bright and early. As soon as you wake, puppy goes out, and everything is going to be

“This is due to to your Yorkie’s fast metabolism.”

on schedule with the exception of when they are eating. After your Yorkie eats, within 10 minutes they will be ready to go for a quick potty break. This is due to to your Yorkie’s fast metabolism and if you have a backyard you can always let them outside in lieu of walking. Otherwise, a quick walk is a good idea as they will at least need to urinate. As your dog gets older and as your learn their habits more you can modify the schedule to fit your dog. Just be patient throughout the process and soon your pup will be going potty like a pro.

how to potty train a yorkie

Some final words on potty training your Yorkie

In today’s article we have given you some tips and tricks for when you are potty training your little ball of sunshine. Throughout the process, be patient, and be sure when you take your Yorkie out and they go to the bathroom that they get a treat every time at first. Once they get used to going outside then you can reduce to half treats and eventually, just the occasional treat. With a little motivation and a lot of patience you’ll find that your Yorkie is potty trained in no time!

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