How To Make a Water Schedule For Your Puppy And His Small Bladder!

puppy water scheduleWhen your puppy is young they have a very small bladder (as you are probably learning right now!). This is completely normal and there is something that you can do to help. In today’s article we will discuss creating a puppy water schedule so that you can teach your puppy to wait just a little bit longer before any unfortunate accidents can occur. Let’s talk about what you can do to teach you little one to hold their bladder just a little bit longer!

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How much water should a puppy drink during potty training, anyways?

In this regard, the answer is going to be ‘as much as they want until 2-3 hours from bedtime’. Your puppy has a quick metabolism, in fact, about 10 minutes after they have eaten is a perfect time for a walk. Denying them water is not a good idea and aside from the risks of dehydrating them, your puppy may also take to guzzling excess water if you are stingy with it. So what is all this about a water schedule?

How to train you dog to hold its pee: The Late night schedule how to train puppy to hold bladder

By creating a water schedule for you puppy what we mean is simply this. Let your puppy drink water normally during the day but cut them off at 2-3 hours before bedtime. They can have more in the morning if they like and your puppy will be fine with going overnight without water. What we are hoping to accomplish is to teach them to ‘hold it’ a little bit longer. Now, we mentioned that the little one has a small bladder and this is where you are going to need to do a little extra work. After bedtime we recommend that you give your pup a late-night walk around midnight or 1am. We understand that this is inconvenient, but a young pup simply cannot ‘hold it’ for very long at first. When your pup is between 8 – 12 weeks of age, you are looking at a 2 or 3 hour limit in how long they can wait. You can prepare for ‘accidents’ with a pee-pad in their crate and if you cannot walk them late then this may have to do, but for best that extra walk can really go a long way in potty training your little one.

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How to teach your puppy to hold pee: Creating a schedule

Your puppies schedule is going to need to be fairly regular. For instance, with a 10 week old puppy, you want to wait no more than 3 hours for every walk. It is also a good idea to take your puppy out 10 minutes after every feeding, as this is when your puppy is definitely going to have the urge to go. A regular schedule is important, because your puppy needs to know that they will be going out like clockwork. This helps them to relax, as the constant walks act as a reassurance that your puppy does NOT need to go right away. When you take your puppy outside you will also want to reward them when they squat down to do. This helps to reaffirm that going outside is the right thing to do and will reinforce their potty training.

What if I catch my puppy going inside?

This will certainly happen and how you deal with it is very important when you are house breaking your puppy. First, you must resist the urge to punish your puppy. Your dog will not understand why you are angry if you catch them after the fact and in any case, any anger that you direct at them is going to be more likely to scare or simply confuse them. If you catch your puppy in the act, you can tell them ‘no!’ and quickly leash them and take them for a walk. If you find that your puppy has used the bathroom

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          “Simply place your pup in the crate every night at bedtime..”

in the house, the best thing that you can do is clean it up THOROUGHLY. This is because the scent of pee or poop in the house is going to encourage your dog to repeat this behavior. So keep it clean and keep your walks regular, your pup will get the hang things soon.

how to teach puppy to hold pee

How do I keep my puppy from pooping at night in the house?

Pet fencing or even a small, wooden crate are going to be your best approach for solving this. By creating a small puppy-den, where you leave toys, a soft bed, and a pee-pad then you can incorporate what is called ‘crate training’ into your puppy’s potty training routine. The pee pad will give them some place to go in case of an emergency, although we still recommend taking your pup for that late night walk for a few weeks at least until they get a little more control. To use it, simply place your pup in the crate every night at bedtime, give them their extra walk later, and first thing in the morning when you get up then it is time for another walk. We realize that this is a bit of a hassle but just think of it like you have a baby in the house (and you do, this baby is just furry). After a few weeks your puppy should be able to ‘hold it’ overnight and there will no more accidents. You can count on it!

In closing

In this article we have discussed making a water schedule in the evening in order to properly potty train your new pup. Remember that the most important pat is going to be you patience and consistency. Once your puppy knows that they will be going outside like clockwork then they will be much less likely to take a potty break inside the house. It will take a little time and a lot of love but once your pup is potty trained then the rest of it is a breeze. Just use our tips and you’ll see!

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