How To Keep Your Dog In The Yard Without A Fence?

how to keep dog in yard without fenceYour dog wants to go outside but frankly, you just can’t trust him to stay close to the house. So now you are wondering how to keep your dog in the yard without a fence and we are happy to inform you that you have come to the right place! In this article we will discuss the ins and outs of dog boundary training and teach you how to train your dog to stay in the yard. Let’s get started!

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How to train a dog to stay in the yard (without a fence!)

Dogs can be very sneaky sometimes when it comes to staying in the yard. Other times it is not so much sneakiness but just plain curiosity that can get them distracted and lead to your dog going AWOL. In today’s scenario you want to keep your dog in the yard but you haven’t got a fence. So what can you do? Well, first your dog needs to know some basic commands.

Sit and Stay!

The first steps in the ‘how to keep your dog in the yard’ boundary training involve two simple commands. Your dog needs to know the ‘sit’ command and the ‘stay’ command. If your dog has learned these then we are ready to start establishing some boundaries. First, we need to get some little flags. Go to your local hardware store to look for them or you could make some with colored fabric and some sticks. We’re going to define our doggy border in preparation for the first parts of boundary training!

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How to train a dog to stay in the yard – boundary flags

Mark out the boundary line for your doggie by planting your little flags around the yard area. The trick is to make sure that they are 3-4 feet away from the actual boundary. Next you are going to need to leash up your dog and spend the next 2-3 days walking them around the perimeter, pulling the leash tight each time your dog attempts to cross the boundaries. Tell your dog ‘no’ each time they attempt to cross as well. Keep some treats handy to reward your dog each time when they begin stopping on their own.

Time to remove that leash!keep dog in yard

Okay, so now your dog knows the boundaries, what do we need to do next? The next step requires taking off the leash and spending some time in the yard with your doggy. You will want to step outside of the boundary lines that you have made but when your doggy tries to cross over after you then you must say ‘sit!’ or ‘stay’ to ensure that they do not cross. This part will require a little bit of patience but it will work, don’t worry. Whenever your dog stops at the boundary by command ofr sits on their own at the edge of the boundary then you should reward them with a treat. This part of the training should take about 4-5 days but it can be faster or slower depending on your dog (sometimes they just get so excited, it’s hard to be mad!). Ensure that you are practicing this at least once a day for 15 minutes as these next days are crucial.

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Let’s test those boundaries!

Now that your dog knows the boundaries pretty well, try to tempt them to out by means most nefarious. Get one of their toys out and throw it slightly over the boundary. Don’t be upset they lose their mind for a moment and run for it, this part takes awhile. Just try again using the sit or stay command until your dog gets used to stopping at the boundary. Another test in the same vein is to step outside of the boundary and place a treat there. Whenever your doggy crosses the line then scoop it up but if tey stop then cross back over the boundary and give them the treat.

The Doggy final exam and graduation

Now that your dog is quite familiar with the boundary and can resist the temptation of toys and treats, you should enlist the aid of your friends who also have furry friends at home. Have your friend walk their dog past your yard and outside of the boundary line

” They realize that staying within the boundaries gets them more playtime-privileges.”

to see if your dog stops at the boundary. If not, don’t fret, you can try again and tell them to ‘stay’ and after a few daily sessions your dog will get the idea. As a final exam, you can take your doggy outside and cross over the boundary line at different portions of the yard. Once your dog has learned to stop at the boundary every time (unless called) then your doggy has officially learned the boundaries of the yard!

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Be very patient

While we have provided some general time guidelines in regards to this training we do realize that every dog is different. We advise patience. Your dog wants to make you happy and loves playing outside. It’s only a matter of time before they realize that staying within the boundaries gets them more playtime-privileges. So hang in there and keep repeating these steps, before you know it your dog will be behaving like you’ve put up an invisible wall. Trust us, this is very cool and well worth the wait!

how to train a dog to stay in the yard

In closing

In this article we have gone over a step-by-step means for teaching your dog to stay in your backyard, even without a fence. With a little patience your dog will learn the limits of where they are allowed to play and the results are nothing short of amazing. You’re going to be very proud of your furry friend. That said, no matter how well your dog respects these boundaries, we do NOT recommend letting them outside on their own in this fashion unless you happen to live in the country. Other people won’t know how smart and well-behaved your doggy is, so keep the play supervised and everyone will be happy. So what are you waiting for? Happy training!

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