How To Get Your Dog To Listen?

how to get your dog to listen So, you’ve got a new puppy and it’s the cutest thing ever… but your puppy doesn’t seem to listen much. How do you correct that? Since your dog is young you actually have wuite a lot of options. This is a time when they are very receptive to learning new things, you just need to make a regimen in order to take advantage of this. In today’s article we are going to talk about how to get your dog to listen to you and provide you with a few ‘beginner’s tricks’ so that your dog will be listening and behaving like a good dog in no time. Let’s talk about getting your little one to listen!

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The importance of starting early

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and while this is actually incorrect, it IS easier to teach a young dog the rules of the house so that the two of you can enjoy a fun (yet more ordered) existence together. As your dog is very young you will want to keep in mind that their attention span is going to be brief. You will want to teach tricks in small, 5 minute sessions so that your dog is always happy to learn and not discouraged. Let’s get started on how to get your dog to come to you and then we’ll move on to a few more things which you can easily teach them.

Teaching your dog to come to you

Teaching your dog to come to you is actually quite easy and will teach you most of what you need to know about training. All it takes is a little positive reinforcement in the form of a treat. Try calling your dog by saying ‘Come’ and their name and if they come to you, give them a treat. If they aren’t coming then try setting a treat in front of you and giving the same command with their name. When they come to you, let them finish the treat and then say their name again. Repeat as necessary and likely in the matter or an hour or two you will have taught them their first command.

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Leash training your doghow to get your dog to listen

Leash training your dog to walk at the same pace as you is our next trick. In order to accomplish this you will want to start in the house. Get some treats handy and place the leash on your dog and try walking a few steps. If the dog walks ahead, then stop and calmly walk next to them. Next, hold up a treat and walk slowly forward and keep the treat in view of the dog. After a few steps of the dog keeping pace with you then feed your puppy the treat. Repeat this a few times and then try it outside, with a little bit of practice your dog will pick this trick up in no time.

How to teach your dog to sit

Teaching your dog to sit is actually easier than the leash training. Your dog likes to sit close to you naturally and with a few treats you can ingrain the command in their mind n record time. Simply say ‘Sit’ when your dog starts to sit down and then give them a treat when they do it. Keep repeating, but try taking it down to half a treat, a quarter of a treat, and then finally, no treat. Your dog will know the command and you will have successfully taught them how to sit. Now, keep in mind that some dogs take longer than others to learn this but once you have successfully taught a command or two it actually gets easier… your dog will know that if they learn the thing which you are trying to teach them that they will get both your approval and a tasty snack.

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Crate training your puppy

One big problem with puppies is those bathroom accidents. Your puppy has a small bladder, for one thing, and they simply cannot hold it for very long periods of time and you’ll need to meet them halfway if you are going to properly potty train them. Now, crate training should be combined with a regimen that ensures that your dog goes outside every 4 hours for the first few months and about 10 minutes after every meal (they have quick metabolisms). Crate training comes into play to help keep your dog

“Put the puppy into the crate before bed”

from going to the bathroom in the house at night when you are sleeping. To do this, get a crate or even a baby-barrier to make a small ‘doggy area’. Inside, make a pee-place (you can get faux lawn strips from the pet store, for instance), get a small food and water bowl, and a few toys for your puppy. Every night you will want to put the puppy into the crate before bed and after their last walk. In time your puppy will learn to ‘hold it’ overnight once their bladder will allow it. A few last things to note: First, your puppy may not be receptive to the crate and might whine. Do NOT come and get them, as this will teach them that they can whine and you will come running and you do not want that. Lastly, make sure that there is only a small amount of food and water in the bowls so that you don’t sabotage this training and before you know it, those ‘bathroom breaks’ in the house will be a thing of the past!

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how to get your dog to listen

In closing

In today’s article we have discussed how to get your dog to listen to you and given you a little advice on some easy training steps that you can follow to get your dog used to learning commands. Throughout the process we cannot stress enough to be PATIENT. Your dog wants to please you and is going to do their best. Hang in there and they will quickly learn how to behave at home!