How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog?

how to convince your parents to get a dog A dog is a friend that you can always depend on. People will turn on you but time and time again, dogs have shown that they are there for you through thick and thin and all they need is your love. There is a little matter, however, of convincing your parents. In this article we will discuss how to convince your parents to get a dog. We’ll let you know what you need to learn, the best ways to present the information, how to raise the necessary funds, and with a bit of luck your parents will understand that you are responsible enough to take care of your new best friend. Let’s start with the basics and work our way up!

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Be patient if you want that dog

The first thing that you are going to need to do is relax. If you badger your parents then they are going to get tired of it and possibly become irritated with the constant requests. Simply asking, ‘Can I have a dog?’ over and over again is likely not going to work, no matter how many times you add ‘please!’. Instead, give our strategy a read and see what you think. Unless one of your parents is allergic to a dog we feel that our method is fairly foolproof. Just go about things slowly until you are ready for your presentation and the odds are that you will get that dog. Count on it!

Purebred or ‘mutt’?

You need to figure out what breed of dog you would like. This is going to help you to determine the size at various stages of life, for one thing. For another, it will help determine a lot of your dogs traits. You also need to decide if your dog HAS to be a purebred. While there are advantages to this did you know that there are also advantages to ‘mutt’ dogs? A dog with a little genetic diversity can get you a dog that wants to cuddle with you just as much as it wants to protect you. You also can worry less about particular sicknesses that may be associated with certain purebreds. Lastly, don’t think that a ‘mutt’ is always going to be ugly. Purebred or mutt, you can get a fine looking dog with a great temperament and save yourself a lot of money in the process so you should consider not being so picky. You are looking for a best friend, not a showdog.

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Rescue or a breeder? how to convince your parents to get a dog

This brings us to the next decision that will help to determine your initial cost just to obtain the dog. If you want a purebred you will need to prepare for a lot of work to earn it. Breeders often charge anywhere from 500$ to 3000$ for that pedigree pup. By contrast, if you rescue your dog then it will cost much less, generally 50$ – 150$ and you end up saving TWO lives, the first being your new dog and the second being the next dog that can be taken n because a space has cleared up at the shelter. So, does this mean you have to get an older dog?

Actually, no.

While you CAN get an older dog if that’s what you would like (skipping the expensive puppy phase) shelters typically have a number of puppies already available and ready for you to take home. Now that you know what the initial cost will be, it’s time for the next phase of the plan.

Write up a report

You are going to need to write up a report, just like you would in school. For this report you need to gather up general information regarding the care of your dog. You will want to find out how long your dog will live, for instance.  Find out how much food costs, for instance. How many bowls are in that bag? How many times a day will you need to feed your dog? This will help you to determine the monetary cost of your dog’s care. The next investment is going to be time. For instance, with a puppy, they can only hold their bladders for around 1 hour for every month of age, so you need to make sure that you create a walking schedule that covers this. One of your parent’s chief worries is that your dog is going to be pooping in the house or that they will end up cleaning up after your dog all the time, so if you can present a report that includes a walking schedule, projected costs per week or month for feeding your dog, and the projected lifespan then you will have demonstrated to your parents that you understand the commitment which you will be taking up.

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Present your report and include a few extras

Once you have learned what you need and written your report then ask your parents if you may have some moments of their time on the upcoming weekend. This is better than picking a workday as they

“Detailing costs and life facts about your dog”

will be relaxed and more receptive to ‘hearing your case’. Thank them for their time and let them know that you are interested in obtaining a dog and ask that they let you read your report. At the close of the report, after detailing costs and life facts about your dog, you might want to offer to do a few extra chores or point out some other reasons why having a dog is a good idea. A great way is to mention a few ways that it can help you to learn responsibility.

how to convince your parents to get a dog

Now, cross your fingers and see what happens!

While we cannot promise anything, it is very likely that your parents will understand that you are serious about getting a dog and will at least give it some thought. By calculating the costs and creating a routine that you will follow you are demonstrating that you can be responsible for this dog so don’t blow it. Take great care of your new best friend!