How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

how much does dog training costSometimes we can’t spend as much time with our furry friends as we would like. As a result, with lack of training, sometimes the little ones will act out. With that in mind you are considering the option of a third party to train your pup. So, how much does dog training cost? Well, there are a number of factors that decide how much dog training is going to cost you. In this article we will discuss some of the factors so that you can go into this well-informed and have an idea what to expect when it comes to dog training cost.

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Is your dog aggressive?

The first thing that you need to understand is that training can take different amounts of time based on a number of factors. Aggression, for instance, can add to your training time. If your dog growls at anyone but you then the aggression will need to be dealt with before a relative stranger can begin teaching your dog commands. Yes, the aggression can be trained out by a third party, but keep in mind that this factor can affect how much it does cost in the end to get a dog trained.

Socialization leveldog training cost

To expand on the ‘aggression conundrum’ we should explain a little more about things which cause aggression. Most commonly if the dog is not a rescue then this is a case of early weaning. A puppy that is weaned too early misses out on critical lessons that it learns from it’s mother and littermates. Simply put, your dog doesn’t know how to play properly. Your dog does not know body language. As a result, it doesn’t know how hard to bite and can easily mistake playfulness for an actual threat. As a result the dog is frightened and sometimes becomes aggressive. Typical training to improve socialization skills includes the trainer ‘yipping’ like a puppy whenever a bite is too hard and lots of social time with people and other dogs so that your pup learns that they are not a threat. This can take time and thus can affect the prices of those dog training classes.

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Age can be another factor. An older dog has had a longer time to develop those bad habit and unfortunately, depending on the behavior, it can take a long time to train the behavior out of them. This doesn’t mean it is impossible, of course, only that you will need to be patient. It is also a good idea to attend some of the training sessions if you can. Learning some of the techniques being applied to your dog means that you can do some of them with your dog at home, virtually halving the time it takes to train out those bad habits (and saving you some money)


The breed of the dog can have some bearing on training time but unless you have a hunting dog or another easily-distracted pup then this will not matter much. If your dog IS one of those breeds that gets distracted with a wayward scent or at the first sign of a squirrel then don’t fret, while it may take a little longer for the training to set this is not the sort of time-hog that socialization training would be and should not overly inflate the price of your dog’s training.

In home or ‘boarding style’ training cost variables

Another factor that can come into play is where the training is going to occur. If it’s a doggie class then it is likely going to be much cheaper than personal in-house visits to train your dog. The advantage of the in-home training, of course, is that it is easier for you to observe and to participate. Just keep in mind that you will want to be sure to find out how much the dog trainers charge per hour to do the training this way.

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Finding a trainer with Google

So, you have an idea of the factors, so how do you find a trainer? Modern technology makes this a snap. The easiest way to do it is to open your browser and go to Type a search sentence such as ‘locate a dog trainer near me’ or ‘dog trainers in Dallas’, for instance, and in an instant you’ll have a list in front of you. Now, while this is effective, there is another option that may be more appealing to you and we’ll tell you why.

Finding a trainer with Yelp

Yelp is another online option that you have at your fingertips and it’s a great one. The reason for this is the way that Yelp works. First, it’s absolutely free, so you won’t need a subscription or be required to pay any fees to use their service. Secondly, it comes with a rating system. Yelp is designed as a catalogue of businesses and individuals offering

            “Yelp is designed as a catalogue of businesses and individuals.”

services and the way that it works is that people who use the service will typically rate the level of service which they have received. This means that you can look up trainers that you found from Google or simply take advantage of the list that Yelp creates of trainers in your area and you can choose one who has a high or perfect rating. Not just limited to ‘stars’, you can read testimonials as well and this can help you to select a trainer with confidence. So consider Yelp in your search, after all, nothing but the best for your furry friend!

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how much is dog training

In closing

In this article we have discussed the variables that need to be considered when determining how much training can cost. People tend to view training as something that should have a flat fee and while there are classes out there like this you should keep in mind that a lot depends on the dog. If you took Karate, would you be guaranteed a black belt after a year? Of course not. Stay patient, your dog will learn at their own pace and will soon be like a whole new dog. Wait and see!