Help! My Puppy Is Crying At Night And It’s Only Getting Worse!

puppy crying at night getting worsePuppies cry for a number of reasons and finding out what is troubling them can be tricky. First of all, your puppy is a baby, and babies cry. It could be as simple as that. Alternately, they may want to be in the room with you. Your puppy could even be sick. So, how do you know? In this article we will discuss what to do if your puppy is crying at night and it’s getting worse.

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Why does a dog cry at night?

The first thing that we need to do to answer why your puppy is crying in the first place. We can do this by telling you some reasons why dogs or puppies cry in general. Why do newborn puppies cry, for instance? Well, with newborn puppies it could be a number of things. To answer the question, ‘how do I get my puppy to stop crying?’ you will want to narrow down the potential causes. Some common ones are as follows:

  • Puppy is scared – If you just got your puppy home then the reason they are crying could simply be that they are scared.
  • Puppy wants attention – Keeping a puppy from crying at night can become a battle of wills sometimes. If your puppy wants attention and they notice that you come running every time that they cry then you can count on them using this tactic often. Unfortunately the only thing that you can do in cases like this is ensure that they have some toys (a stuffed animal might help also for sleeping) and ‘waiting it out’. If you have ruled out physical illness then this is going to be a necessary approach, as the little pup needs to learn that crying and barking is not going to bring you running. It is difficult but in time they will learn that they cannot manipulate you this way.
  • Puppy feels bad – If the behavior is out of the blue then your puppy might possibly be ill. Watch for any obvious signs such as diarrhea or vomiting. Some less obvious hints can be things like your dog licking particular areas attentively and more than usual (for instance, a dog with a urinary tract infection might lick their crotch area a lot after urination, because it hurts.). When in doubt, take your pup to the vet to find out for sure.
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Why is it that my puppy cries when left alone how do i get my puppy to stop cryingoutside?

This is fairly common. That back yard of yours is fairly new to the little one and they are probably a little scared. During the day you can play with them in the yard to get them more used to it so that they learn to occupy their time alone. If your dog is already quite familiar with the yard, however, and insists on crying when you leave them outside then you will have to ignore this behavior until the puppy learns that the crying will not give them what they want.

What is my dog is crying to get into the bedroom at night?

In a case like this you can get the dog used to sleeping on their own with a little ‘crate training’. With a wooden crate, large box, or even an old baby playpen you can make an area to put your dog overnight (or use for ‘time-out’ 3-5 minutes at a time when they are bad but do NOT use the crate for punishment until the night crying has been addressed!). After you have prepared it then you put your pup inside the crate at bedtime each night and take them out for a walk first thing every morning. Be sure to put some things for them to play with inside. You might even use a filled kong toy to help get them used to it (but partially filled and frozen is best, so that it keeps them busy for awhile when you go to bed but doesn’t make them need the bathroom before morning.). Your pup might be resistant at first to this but in time they will get used to the crate. Just DO NOT come running if they begin whining immediately. This is behavior that you definitely do not wish to encourage.

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Other tips to make crate training work for your puppy

To help keep your dog from crying at night be sure to include some things in the crate. As mentioned previously, the toys and kong can help, but here are some other tips that can help to make your puppy comfortable and confident sleeping on their own:

  • Puppy cave – Partially covering the top of the crate can make it like a cave or a ‘den’, which makes puppies feel comfortable. Try doing this to see if it helps to calm the little one.

          ” Putting the crate somewhere with a view can be helpful.”

  • Doggie bed inside – A soft bed (especially one that they will sleep in later outside of the crate) is a good addition to your crate training.
  • Small bowl of water – Don’t let your doggy get thirsty at night! Just be sure it’s a small water bowl in case your dog tries to knock it around.
  • Placement counts! – Putting the crate somewhere with a view can be helpful to keep your dog from getting bored. You can even turn the tv on at low volume if you like, some dogs like it.

puppy cries when left alone outside

Some final words

In this article we’ve taken some time to discuss potential reasons why your doggy is crying at night and to recommend some possible ‘cures’ for this. Each dog is an individual and so we urge you to be patient. If this is a puppy then remember that you are dealing with a baby and babies sometimes cry. Your little one will grow more comfortable with the environment in time and through these tips we hope that this will speed up appreciably. Until next time we wish you and puppy sweet dreams!

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