Help! My 5 Month Old Dog Keeps Peeing In The House!

my 5 month old dog keeps peeing in the housePotty training is the worst. It is frustrating for both you and your puppy, especially since the associative memory of a dog is different from yours. If you don’t catch them in the act then they don’t know why you are mad. So what can you do? In this article we will discuss some strategies that you can employ for this so that the next time you hear someone say ‘my 5 month old dog keeps peeing in the house!’ you will know exactly what they can do to fix it.

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Why is puppy still peeing in the house at 5 months?

There are many reasons for this to occur that can have nothing to do with training. If your 5 month old puppy seemed to catch-on to potty training for the most part yet is still sometimes peeing in the house, it might be a case of the following:

  • Too much snacking – Feeding the little one treats is fun. It’s adorable and they get so happy when you give them a snack. This makes it easy to overdo it, unfortunately. What seems like puppy potty training regression might simply be the result of too much water to wash down those snacks and not enough time outside. Keep the treats at a minimum (using them mostly for training is a good policy) can help you to control this.
  • Changes in daily routine – If your work schedule has changed or if you have a hot date night and didn’t plan those scheduled pee times then your puppy might well have an accident. The little one is not quite adept yet at holding it yet (although if there is quite a lot of urine then this indicates that they are trying!). If you foresee a change in routine then you may want to get the assistance of a friend to help make sure puppy gets a break (or alternately you can give them an extra break before you go, if possible).
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  • Environmental factors – Rain or snow outside has an additional pitfall for dog owners. Your pup is going to drink that rain or eat that snow! This is not such a big deal for a larger dog but with puppy’s smaller bladder you might want to consider an extra walk on days with inclement weather to avoid surprises.


  • Needs more supervision – You can let the little one run around but try to make sure that it is always supervised in the beginning. They can get into a lot of trouble on their own and they don’t yet know the house rules, so too much alone time can easily lead to an ‘unauthorized bathroom break’. Don’t worry, you won’t have to watch them so closely forever, but be patient and watchful while they are a pup for best results and your own sanity.
  • Urinary tract infection – If puppy was potty trained but is now having LOT of accidents, it might be a urinary tract infection. Occurring most commonly in females, one behavior you will generally notice with a urinary tract infection is your dog turning around a lot and licking their crotch area. This is because urination is painful and is a fairly reliable warning sign if your dog doesn’t normally exhibit this behavior often. Your vet can offer supplements that you can add to puppy’s meals or snacks to help clear that right up, however, so if you see the signs then it’s time for a check-up at the vet!


My 5 month old dog is still peeing in the house and I’ve puppy still peeing in house at 5 monthschecked for these things!

If your 4 or 5 month old puppy is still peeing in the house then you may want to adopt a different strategy. Crate training is an excellent way to go for potty training in cases such as these where your pup is resistant to going outside. It requires a wooden crate, large

          “They may bark or whine at first but you will need to ignore this.”

dog carrier, or an isolated spot such as the bathroom or a laundry room and a few easy rules. First, if puppy is going overnight when you are sleeping, then puppy starts spending the night in the crate. They may bark or whine at first but you will need to ignore this. Taking them out when they whine teaches them that they can do this to get what they want so we don’t want to encourage that behavior. In the morning,   immediately take them out of the crate and outside to go to the bathroom. Bring treats so that you can give your puppy a treat and some praise when they go to the bathroom outside.

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Crate training discipline

The crate can also be used for discipline but you must remember that you have to ‘catch them in the act’. A good way to ensure this is to say ‘That’s enough!’ when your puppy does something undesirable before putting them into the crate. You can also place the puppy there when you cannot watch them but when it is not being used for punishment then you will want to include chew toys so that your puppy does not feel like they are being punished for something. From this point you will want to slowly allow them more unsupervised or ‘loosely-supervised’ time, putting them back into the crate if they do something bad. This can help your dog to learn what is allowed and what is off-limits fairly quickly and before you know it the crate will be going into storage for lack of use.

5 month old dog still peeing house
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In closing

Today we have discussed what you can do if your 4 or 5 month old puppy won’t stop peeing in the house. We advise patience in this trying time, as your pup simply doesn’t know what they are doing wrong and it’s up to you to teach them in a way that they can understand it. Keep it up and your new family member will be behaving well before you know it.Good luck!

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