Help! How Do I Stop My Puppy From Pooping At Night In The House?

stop puppy pooping at night

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Puppies are adorable! Nature has designed them in this stage of life to be the cutest that they are likely ever going to be. Sadly, this comes with a caveat.

Potty training.

So how do you stop puppy from pooping at night in the house? We’re glad that you asked! Today we will discuss the matter in depth and advise you on the latest tips and tricks that you can use when your dog keeps waking up in the middle of the night to poop. If you are ready, let’s get started!

My puppy poops a lot at night!

You’re probably wondering “Why does my puppy poop so much at night”. The answer is simple. Your puppy poops a lot in general. When dogs are young they need a lot more bathroom breaks. One thing that you can do is much the same as you would with a human child. At night you do a bathroom break when it’s bedtime and then for a few weeks, you can get up one more time around 1 to 2am to take your puppy out for the bathroom. Yes, this is inconvenient, but it is one solution that you can employ during that time when your dog simply needs an extra bathroom break.

Have you considered crate training?my puppy poops at night

Crate training is an excellent method for teaching your dog o wait until morning to ‘do their business’. In order to implement this you will need the following:

  • A wooden crate or portable plastic fencing to make an isolated puppy-space
  • A doggy bed or nice pillow for your pup to sleep on
  • A water bowl (small only)
  • Faux-grass pee pad
  • Doggies toys so your little one won’t get bored
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How does the crate training work?

Simply put, your puppy will be placed in the crate every night at bedtime after they have had dinner and their last walk for the evening. Dogs will typically NOT poop in the same place where they are sleeping but you will have the pee-pad in place just in case. While the extra 1 or 2 am walk is recommended with the pee pad you will have a little extra protection for the times when this late walk is simply not an option. After you’ve placed your pup in the crate for the night, be sure to take them on another walk as soon as you wake up the next morning.

When will my puppy stop pooping at night?

It will take a few weeks, most likely, before your dog is old enough to ‘hold it’ for a significant period of time. As long as the walk schedules are kept running like clockwork then your dog will know that if they wait they will get a walk in the morning. At this point your puppy should be officially potty-trained.

What if my puppy still poops in the house?

If your puppy is still pooping in the house then there are a few different things to consider. First, is this new behavior? If your puppy seemed previously to be potty trained and is pooping or peeing in the house all of the sudden then there could be medical reasons. Some parasites can cause this, for instance. A urinary tract infection can also cause frequent, uncontrolled urination issues with your dog. If you suspect that either of these might be the case you are urged to take your pup for a vet visit as soon as possible. Your veterinarian can provide medicines to cure this sort of thing in a flash but you want to visit sooner, rather than later, to avoid complications.

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What are some other tricks to keep my dog from pooping in the house?

Some people like to use clicker training for teaching their dogs tricks and for getting their attention during potty training. The clicker is a hand-held device that makes an audible click and if you use it when teaching your dog then they learn quickly to pay

          “Be sure to click every time that you catch them in the act.”

attention to you whenever they hear a click. To use it in potty training, be sure to click every time that you catch them in the act and say ‘no!’, immediately taking them for a walk to do their business outside. The important (and difficult) part is going to be catching them in the act but if you can do this consistently, giving your dog a treat every time that they poop outside instead of inside the house, your dog will eventually get the idea.

Above all, be patient

Potty training can be vexing. It takes time but once your dog finally learns then you will be in the clear. Just be persistent, always rewarding them for proper behavior, and in a week or two your pup should be in the habit of taking their bathroom breaks outside only. Don’t yell or aggressively punish your dog during this phase, as the odds are that they will not understand it and it may only result in your furry friend becoming afraid of you. This is definitely not what we want. Stick to praises and treats and your dog will respond well, we promise!

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puppy poops a lot

Some final words

Aside from the previous reasons why your puppy might be pooping at night, a last consideration is that your dog might be ‘acting out’. If the dog is doing this after viewing aggressive behavior (arguments in the house or yelling at sports teams, for instance) then you will want to consider toning things down on an emotional level in the house.. Dogs pick up the moods of their families and if you are aggressive they will pick up on this and become more aggressive as well. So keep your home environment peaceful and you’re pup will be peaceful as well. Beyond this, just follow the tips that we have given you for teaching your little one to go outside and the poop problem will be a thing of the past in no time!


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