Help! How Do I Stop My Puppy From Barking?

stop puppy barkingYour furry friend loves spending time with you. Sometimes, it seems, maybe just a little too much. So, is there an easy way to stop puppy from barking? In today’s article we’ll discuss why your puppy is barking, what you can do, and advise on some things that you should avoid when you are trying to train your furry friend to be more appreciably silent. Without further ado, let’s discuss how to stop a puppy from barking!

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How do you stop your puppy from barking?

In order to get your puppy to stop barking, it is useful to try to understand exactly why the little one is being so vocal. For instance when was the pup weaned? Generally you don’t want to wean your puppy any earlier than 8 weeks. This is due to the socialization period which most puppies go through with their biological family. Your puppy’s time with it’s mom, brothers, and sisters is important. During this time your pup learns how to socialize properly. For instance, how hard is it acceptable to bite? This is something that they learn through playtime. Weaning them too early can result in your puppy becoming co-dependent on you for all of it’s socialization, which in turn can lead to barking to get your attention whenever you try to leave your pup alone.

So my puppy is barking at me for social attention?how to stop a puppy from barking

This is a possibility. If your pup was weaned too early, you can help your dog to learn to socialize in the following ways:

  • Playtime with ‘yipping’ -Puppies love to wrestle, but if your pup was weaned too early then they might have a bit of a bite to them. When your puppy bites too hard, a loud ‘yip!’ like a hurt puppy or even a loud ‘ouch’ followed immediately stopping playtime for 3-5 minutes can help to teach your puppy how hard they can bite without hurting. It stings a little but this is essential, as your pup will be able to bite much harder when they are older and you definitely want to avoid this.
  • Supervised socializing – A little time with a friend’s dog at your home or in the park is just what the doctor ordered. Dogs can teach each other proper boundaries fairly quickly, just make sure that the other dog is matured and friendly towards your pup. Supervise closely at first before letting them spend a little time together in the yard and your puppy will start to see that you aren’t the only source of socializing available.
  • Integrating crate training – If your dog is barking at the bedroom door, it might be time for a little crate training. First you will need some plastic pet fencing or a nice wooden box which you can load up with toys, a water bowl, and a soft place to sleep. You can also put a pee pad in there for emergencies (which might be a good idea if your puppy is very young!). Place your pup in the crate at night and whatever you do, DO NOT respond to barking or your puppy will decide that this is a good way to get your attention. First thing in the morning, take the puppy out for their morning walk and keep the crate unoccupied until you need it again at night or for quick stays during the day.
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The puppy barks in the crate when I leave.. a lot!               

There is another trick that you can use if your puppy won’t stop barking in the crate at night. A great way to get your puppy used to a crate is a Kong toy. Available at your local pet store or online, a Kong is a rubber dog toy that is great for chewing and also has a

” A great way to get your puppy used to a crate is a Kong toy.”

small space inside it where you can hide a treat or fill with a ‘treat-foam’ that you can freeze to keep your pup busy for a long time! This will keep your dog distracted and give you some time to sneak away and with a little bit of luck, your pup will start playing with their toys and maybe get a little sleep!

How do you stop your puppy from barking if these things don’t work?

There are some other good ways to deal with problem barking that you have at your disposal. For instance, you could try the following:


  • Heavy blinds – If your dog is looking out the window and barking at passers-by, you might be able to simply remove the temptation by investing in some heavy blinds to keep the dog from looking outside. Sometimes the easiest solution is the best, but this may not work for all dogs.
  • Distracting your dog – When your dog starts barking, distract them. Call out your puppy’s name and call them to you. Get them to do a trick like sitting, for instance, and give them a treat when they do well. Work on the ‘stay’ command and see if you can teach your dog to stay at your feet instead of barking out the window.
  • Bark collar – Electronic collars are available which will vibrate or beep if they detect your dog barking for longer than a period of time which you have defined. This can be a good way to teach your dog not to bark more than is needed when alerting you about the presence of strangers
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puppy barking

In closing

While these tips and tricks can help you, most of all you will want to be patient with your little one. Remember that they are like a child and still learning what is allowed and not allowed in the family household. Avoid losing your temper, as this will only frighten your dog, and apply the techniques which we have discussed here. In time you will see that your little one will be more socialized and less ‘vocalized’. It’s just a matter of time!

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