E Collar Vs Shock Collar: What Are The Differences?

e collar vs shock collarElectronic training-collar devices have come a long way since the 70’s.So what has changed? Is there a difference between an e collar and a shock collar? In this article we will discuss the latest in e collar training tech and try to answer all your questions. Without further ado let’s proceed to answer: E Collar vs. Shock collar: What are the differences?

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What is an E Collar?

What is an e collar for dogs, anyways? Well, E collar is a general term that describes a training tool which encompasses shock collars and other types of electronically-enhanced training collars. Aside from ‘shock’ options, there are collars which can be made to vibrate or to beep to get our dog’s attention. Due to modern laws in regards to this technology these are a very different breed of collar from what was made in the 1970’s.

Are shock collars safe for dogs?

The shock collars of today produce a very mild current, akin to those that you would feel on TENS units which are employed in mild shocks to stimulate sore muscles. This means that they are quite humane and function more to get your dog’s attention rather than to deliver a painful shock. That said, you still want to make sure that you are using the collar properly. Just pressing a button when your dog does something wrong is going to be more likely to confuse your dog than anything, so you will want to use the collar a little differently if you want to utilize it as a proper training tool.

So what’s a proper use of an E collar?what is an e collar

The best way for using an E collar as a training aid is to use it to get the dogs attention. Follow this up by issuing a command. In this way you can divert the dog from bad behavior at the same time that you are giving them something to do that is desirable. For instance, if your dog gets antsy around other dogs and you see signs that the dog is nervous, you could send a signal to the collar to make it simply vibrate and then follow that up with a command to ‘lay down’. Now, rather than jumping on the other dogs or behaving aggressively your dog will lay down and wait for your next command.

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E collar use for excessive barking

Another use for E Collars is the deterrence of excessive barking. E collars that are known as ‘bark collars’ may be configured so that after a certain amount of time barking will be discouraged by beeping, vibration, or mild electric shock. These collars are designed to recognize the sounds of barks so after initial configuration they won’t require any additional operation through you. The way it works is this. The dog starts barking and after 1 minute the collar begins to respond in the fashion that you have configured it to. For instance, if your dog has been barking for a minute the collar may begin to vibrate lightly. After another minute, the collar begins vibrating more strongly, stopping only when the dog has stopped barking for a specific period of time. You could also set it to beep at your dog, distracting them from their barking. The configuration is completely up to you and as the function is automatic then the collar will work throughout the day to discourage unruly barking

So an E Collar and a Shock collar are the same?

Technically, yes, they are the same product, with the possible exception that you may employ vibration or beeping in alternative to or in lieu of ‘shocking’. While we are on the subject of that, we would like to restate that when we call it a ‘shock’ collar we are

 “It will not burn or otherwise harm your dog.”

talking about electronic stimulation instead of actual shock. It will not burn or otherwise harm your dog, it is only designed to get their attention. With the vibration and beeping options you also have a way to use an E Collar without ever employing a shock once, so this is quite a move up from the shock collars of the early 70’s.

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How long will I need to use the E Collar?

Generally training is going to be fairly quick with an E Collar if used properly, so you might find that after a month of use you no longer need it. This is going to depend on the time that you put into training and the character of your individual dog. If you have an Alpha dog, for instance, it may take longer to train them, but the E collar will make it much easier than it would be otherwise for training an already-aggressive Alpha. Bark collars may work as quickly as two weeks with some dogs and so they have become very popular training tools as well.

difference between e collar and shock collar

Train with patience

Even with an E Collar, some dogs can be harder to train than others, so we recommend that you exercise patience. Do NOT simply press the remote to activate the e Collar every time your dog does something bad. This will have the opposite effect of what you want, as the dog may become confused and more aggressive due to this. Simply use the E Collar to get their attention and then issue a command. When the dog obeys, reinforce their behavior with a delicious treat. With enough patience and praise your dog will dog will soon be well-mannered and eager to please!

In closing

In today’s article we have discussed the difference between E Collars and Shock collars. While essentially the same item, these training devices have evolved since their inception and now offer a number of completely shock-free options with which to train your dog. Used properly you can cut your training time in half and before you know it your furry friend will be behaving like a champ. Just be patient and consistent and your new best friend will do the rest!

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