Dremel 7300 Pt 4.8 V Pet Nail Grooming Tool Review

 dremel 7300 pt 4.8 v pet nail grooming tool Grooming your dog’s nails is important. For one thing, your dog is a bit less choosy about where they step then you or I might be. Things can gather up in their paws and in their nails and if you get scratched by an affectionate paw-placement then the wounds can easily become infected. Trimming down those claws helps you to avoid this and your dog might even dig less if they are properly maintained. Today we are going to review a tool for exactly this job, the Dremel 700 Pt. 4.8 V Pet Nail grooming tool. It’s a Dremel so you know that it’s got some quality accolade products behind it, but does it meet the hype? Let’s talk about what we liked and didn’t like about this product so that YOU may decide!

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Nail grinders are the safe way to trim those claws

While you CAN use clippers when trimming down the sharp portions of your dog’s claws, they aren’t necessarily a good idea. Unless you have a lot of experience, it is quite easy to cut too far down the claw, cutting the ‘quick’, as it were, which can cause your dog’s nail to bleed. This is where a nail grinder is useful. A nail grinder is a slow, safe way to ‘erode’ the claw, blunting the sharp tip and allowing you to trim it down without the risk of hurting your furry best friend. They might not like the noise at first but once they realize that it doesn’t hurt and that they get a treat afterwards they’ll start looking forward to weekly trimming in no time!

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The Dremel 7300 is gentle and quiet

We are happy to report that as far as the noise goes, Dremel really delivers. This tool is quiet and doesn’t ‘whine’ like many competitors’ products. This remains true even on the highest setting and so even when you are tapping the power of this groomer your dog is more likely to stay calm, cool, and collected then they would with something cheaper but louder.

Two speed nail grinding

The Dremel 7300 comes with two settings and is easily changed from the low to the high with the flip of a switch. This is preferable to some models which only have one button that you click twice to increase the speed. With a ‘flip switch’, you can know immediately what setting it is on based on whether it is toggled up or down. It also comes with two bits, one for grinding and one for polishing. This means that you can not only trim down those claws but you can shine them up a bit if you want to be fancy. Some dogs like the polishing phase so you might even find that the trimming ritual can be a little bit of fun for you and your dog!

Rechargeable and cordless dremel 7300 pt 4.8 v pet nail grooming tool

The Dremel 7300 is cordless, which is a must for claw trimmers, meaning that you can approach the trimming problem from whatever angle you require to ensure that the grinding is completely to your specifications. It is also rechargeable, as it comes with a battery pack, so you don’t have to worry about stocking up on those AA batteries. The pack makes the unit a little heavier than the battery models but not so much that trimming sessions become a chore. As it is a Dremel, for those of you who have an assortment already of Dremel tools the battery pack is an extra blessing, as it is compatible with other many other Dremel products, so you can trim your dog’s claws and get a few more hours out of work sessions of your own if you are the crafty type. Not a bad bonus, in our opinion.

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Where we felt it could use improvement

Now that we have told you about the features which we like, it is time to go into the caveats. First, we have an unexpected ‘side-effect’ that comes from harnessing the power of a Dremel product for use in grooming your dog. The grinding power is consistent enough that you have to be careful about the heat generated. This can be minimized by utilizing the lowest setting (and this makes it quieter, but this tool

“This can be minimized by utilizing the lowest setting”

is actually very quiet on its highest setting). Alternately, you can trim a little on one claw and then move to the next, going back and forth between two so that the friction is evenly distributed. Secondly, reading the instruction manual is a good idea, as Dremel tools are a little more on the advanced side and little things like the collet being blocked to prevent bit insertion (until it is removed) render it useless without a little tweaking, unlike some models which may be used ‘right out of the box’. Overall, we felt that these points were definitely not deal breakers. This is a solid product and like any other product which Dremel produces you can rest assured that it will be useful for many, many years to come. Just stock up on some extra bits to ensure it’s always performing at peak!

The verdict!

We find this product to be very much worth your time. If you would like something to keep those pesky nails trimmed down so that your dog isn’t inadvertently scratching you, your furniture, or even the hardwood floors then the Dremel 7300 is an inexpensive powerhorse that you can put at your disposal and which you will not be replacing anytime soon. This is a product which you can definitely acquire with confidence.

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 dremel 7300 pt 4.8 v pet nail grooming tool

In Closing

We hope that you have enjoyed this review of the Dremel 7300 pet grooming tool. With so many options out there it can be hard to make the right choice, so it’s always nice when you can rely on a solid brand which whose products you probably already have in your garage. If you would like to see more of this tool, please take a look at the link below for more information!

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