Dog Jumping Fence Solutions: Keep Your Dog Safe!

A lot of people are always looking for dog jumping fence solutions, especially when they have backyards. After all, dogs are very curious and energetic creatures who’ll always want to explore the world, even jumping over fences to see what the outside is like! But of course, your dog jumping over fence is a dangerous thing, as he might get lost or hurt!

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dog jumping fence solutions

That’s why it’s important to train them to keep them from jumping and escaping. So what are ways on how to keep dog from jumping fence? Read on I’ll be showing you why you see the dog jumping fence and how you can train them from stopping! 

Why Is Your Dog Jumping Over the Fence? 

This shows that you and your dog aren’t bonding enough, or that he may have separation anxiety!

You’re probably wondering: Why does your dog jump over the fence in the first place? There are actually different reasons why:

  • You might be traveling or outdoors a lot and your dog wants attention, trying to escape to look for you or to get you out of the house for some cuddles. This shows that you and your dog aren’t bonding enough, or that he may have separation anxiety!
  • Dogs love to play a lot and if they don’t have the adequate environment for playtime, they won’t feel happy in the area. As a result, they jump and try to escape in hopes of finding a bigger place where they can run and find cool stuff to munch on. The same goes for puppies and adolescent dogs, who have a ton of energy.
  • Some dogs are from sporting breeds, who are born to be extremely active and with energy to play a lot. This means they love to jump and expend their energy, trying to explore by going outside the yard.
  • The other side of the fence might seem even more fun than where they’re enclosed. Because of this, they may want to escape, whether it’s because of small animals roaming around or children having fun outside.
  • Your dog may also feel stressed, trying to escape from the enclosed area to feel free. If other signs include excessive panting, hyperactive ness, and howling, this may be why they love to jump over fences.
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Dog Jumping Fence Solutions

Now that you know why your dog might be jumping over the fence, what are ways to stop him from doing so? Here are the long-term solutions to keep your dog safe:

1. Fix the Fence 

Look into replacing or constructing your fence made with different strong materials

dog jumping over fence

Improving the fence is the first step to keeping your dog within the yard safely. Look into replacing or constructing your fence made with different strong materials, such as:

  • Solid Wood may be a bit costly, but they are solid and will last longer despite harsh weather conditions. 
  • Bamboo Rolls are more affordable and attractive in yards, installing ones that are up to five feet tall. This prevents dogs from successfully jumping over the fence and will give you more privacy.
  • Redundant Fences are secondary fences that work within the primary fence. A lot of people choose this for versatility, made of different materials like chain links, bamboo, farm fences, and more. It adds more security and will prevent dogs from trying to jump from whatever exciting they see outside.
  • Invisible Fences, as the name states, are completely invisible! These are a bit controversial as they give dogs a correction shock when nearing the boundary. It’s also known as the Underground dog fence, though I highly recommend against these fences!

2. Modifying Your Yard

For jumpers, upside-down L-footers can also do the trick!

Next thing you can try is to modify the yard itself, which encourages your dogs to stay inside. Here are some tips to follow to keep your dog inside:

  • Identify anything that help your dog jump off the fence, such as piles of wood and branches or old furniture. Remove these objects to keep them from escaping and for their safety as well
  • Obstruct their outside view, as seeing other animals, children, or walking people tend to excite them. As a result, they’ll jump for attention and pets! Fix any holes and broken parts of your fence where they can see whatever excites them enough to jump.
  • For dogs that love digging, set up an L-footer fence to keep them from trying to get outside. For jumpers, upside-down L-footers can also do the trick!
  • Coyote rollers are cables mounted on the fence, connected through pipes. This prevents any creature (like your dog) from going in and out of the yard.
  • Make the entire yard your dog’s playground for them to enjoy. Your dog isn’t a prisoner, so give them the means to have fun, such as toys, more free space, among other things.
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how to keep dog from jumping fence

3. Observing Your Dog’s Behavior 

You’ll need to address these issues, which can stem from dominance or fear.

It’s crucial to observe your dog’s behavior, which can pinpoint why they try to jump over the fence. Watch out for any of these major problems:

  • Your dog can bark a lot, which can become a problem. You need to let your dog understand that if there are no predators, there’s no need to bark. 
  • For dogs that are too aggressive, they can end up trying to escape to attack anyone. You’ll need to address these issues, which can stem from dominance or fear. 
  • Dogs who whine, look unsettled, or bark a lot, may either suffer from separation anxiety or stress. You’ll need to help them realize that you will be back and to remove any stressors around them.

Wrapping It Up

Seeing your dog jumping fence is NO joke and should be addressed immediately to prevent any consequences. Fortunately, it actually isn’t difficult as long as you know the reason why they jump and the healthy dog jumping fence solutions. With patience and time, you’ll be able to keep your dog safe when outdoors.

I hope this article to keep dog from jumping fence helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and begin following these tips to stop dog from jumping fence now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on how to stop dog from jumping fence, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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