Dog Friendly Things To Do Near Me?

dog friendly things to do near me So, you’ve gotten your puppy potty trained and things are peachy but you’re worried that your dog might be getting a little bored. If you are wondering ‘what are some dog friendly things to do near me?’ then you have come to the right place. In this article we’ll discuss some things which you and your furry best friend can do together just about anywhere. There’s a whole world full of things to do out there and with just a little creativity you can fill that free time with FUN. Let’s discuss!

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Making time to bond with your furry best friend

Spending time with your dog is an integral part of the experience. After all, who is more loyal or friendly than your dog? They always have time for you, whether it be to bark and play to make you smile or even to sit silently by, nuzzling you when you need support. Making time to do things together will only get you closer to your dog and it’s truly one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Remember, your dog is going to be around maybe for a decade or a little over that and so how close you are with your best friend is going to be up to you. So, where are some places where you can expand this bond and make the most out of your time together? We’re glad that you asked!

Identifying pet friendly places near youdog friendly things to do near me

You can skip this step if you hate research but with just a few phone calls you might find that the area around you is very much dog friendly. Some Starbucks, for instance, can be coaxed into making a ‘Puppicino’ for you (which is just a cup of whipped cream, but it means you can share a java break with your bud!). Some restaurants have outside dining areas where your pup can hang out with you and there are generally going to be dog parks nearby. Identifying some of these places might even just require Googling ‘dog friendly places’ and adding the name of your city or your town. In just a few minutes you might find yourself pleasantly surprised!

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Take an Instagram tour of your city or town

Some of us love taking pictures, so why not share a little bit of that with your favorite furball? Explore some areas around town and take pictures of you and your buddy doing various things. Maybe you’ll find a favorite hot dog stand next to a picturesque park or pose together in front of the town founders, whatever you do, take lots of photos to post on Instagram or Facebook. Posting your adventures together is a fun way to bond and it also gets you both out of the house. So, the next time you are bored why not take an Instagram adventure?

Visit the beach or the lake

If you have a beach or a lake nearby you really should take advantage of it. If you do but it takes a little driving, then consider a road trip. You can bring the family, whether it be just you and your faithful pooch or the love of your life and your kids. Bring some tennis balls and a Frisbee and you’ve got games that everyone can play with the doggy, just make sure in advance that everyone is allowed. Even if you don’t do a lot of playing, the new surroundings will ensure that you get some relaxing in while your pup gets some playtime, just be sure to pack some poop-plastic and keep an eye out on your pooch, as long as the walking schedule is still maintained then you can help to avoid any ‘accidents’ and ensure that a fun time is had by all.

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Going fishing

While you are at that lake or beach, if sunbathing or frolicking is not your idea of fun, why not do a little fishing? Your dog loves going out with you and you can pack some sandwiches, sodas, and even beers if you like and spend a little time with your dog while fishing. Dog-outings don’t have to be fancy and frankly, it’s fun getting to share one of your favorite pastimes with your faithful and silent (mostly!) best friend.

dog friendly things to do near me

Don’t forget your local dog park

Dog parks are great. Your puppy gets to play with other doggies and this sort of socializing helps to keep your dog happy. Yes, they love spending all of their time with you but a little time with other dogs is good for them and good for you too. If your dog is nervous around other dogs then this can be the cure,

“A little time with other dogs is good for them”

just be sure to leash them and introduce them to other dogs slowly with the other owner present before you let your dog play with another. After awhile you’ll be able to just take them to the park and turn ‘em loose and if you’ve never seen that, it’s a sight to behold. Try it sometime and see!

Pet friendly hotels

We talked about roadtripping earlier but neglected to mention that a number of hotels are pet friendly. This means that you can share all kinds of adventures instead of boarding up your best friend in ‘doggy jail’ while you are out. After all, it’s so much better to bring them, no? It’s even fun to find pet friendly places in the next town to get a little fresh perspective and to explore new places together with your loyal companion. Give it a try and see but be careful, it’s addictive!

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Some final words

In this article we have discussed things that you can do with your dog which are readily available near you. There truly are many, many places that are not only receptive but downright friendly to bringing your dog and once you’ve found a few you’ll wonder why you waited so long to try this. We wish you and your best friend the best of bonding times!