Dog Breeds That Start With P?

dog breeds that start with p Dogs are purely fascinating. There are so many different breeds, all with different faces, forms, and quirks. How do you decide which one is the going to be the best fit for the role of your new best friend? In today’s article we can’t answer that question (it’s too huge for the space involved), but we can tell you about some fascinating breeds to help to get you started on the right path. Let’s discuss a few fascinating dog breeds that start with the letter P and explore a little wonder together!

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The importance of knowing about your dog’s breed

Knowing information about your dog’s specific breed is extremely important. Some breeds require special grooming, for instance. Other breeds are susceptible to particular diseases. If you pick out a breed just for looks and attitude then you’ll have less time with your best friend so a little education is a good idea. As we discuss some of the breeds whose names begin with ‘p’ we’ll tell you a little about each breed and include a few examples that will show you that research is not only useful, it is critical. Let’s get started!


The Peekapoo is an adorable mix that springs from crossing a purebred Pekinese with a purebred miniature or toy poodle. The result is a 4 – 20 pound dog that stands about 11 inches high but thinks it is much, much bigger. While they can function as an ‘alarm’, as an actual guard dog they are simply too tiny. They DO however, like your lap, and their overall sweet temperament makes them a pleasure to be with. They are also good with children and senior citizens and due to their genetics they do not shed (or if they do, very little). This makes them great for those who want a dog but are worried about their allergies. This breed dates back to the 1950’s and has the health concerns related to its Pekinese and Poodle heritage, such as respiratory illnesses, Progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, and more.  Life expectancy for this breed is about 10 – 15 years so if you want to enjoy your little friend for as long as possible, be sure to look into the health problems of the Pekinese and Poodle breeds. A little knowledge goes a long way.

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Pharaoh houndsdog breeds that start with p

Our next breed is much, much older than the 1950’s. While the breed s indeed old and seen in hieroglyphics, DNA evidence seems to indicate that their current form appears to have been cultivated through breeding in Malta. They first appeared in England in the 1930’s and the rest is, well, history. As they are hounds, Pharaoh hounds like tracking game and have a LOT of energy.  Pharaohs are also medium sized, measuring in at around 21 – 24 inches tall and weighing a muscular 40 – 60 pounds.  They also share an interesting trait with us that is unique to the breed. Did you know that Pharaoh dogs can blush? It’s true. Their ears and noses can sometimes show a reddish glow. It’s adorable! So, what kind of health problems do you need to worry about with this breed?  Well, for this breed, relatively few. They are subject to bacterial and viral infections like all dogs, such as parvo or distemper, but beyond this there is only a small possibility of orthopedic complications such as hip dysplasia and for those of you with allergies they are only considered ‘medium’ shedders. The Pharaoh dog has a lifespan of 12 – 14 years and with a minimal level of care you should be able to enjoy many happy years together but make sure that they have a lot of room to play, these dogs have some serious ENERGY!

Pocket Beagle

dog breeds that start with p A little smaller than a standard beagle, Pocket Beagles stand at 12 inches tall and weigh in at 15 to 18 pounds but don’t let the small package fool you, these little doggies have a whole lot of love. As with other ‘hound’ dogs, they get easily distracted, so you want to make sure that you f you want them to play in your yard that there is a fence present. They can’t help themselves, as you will notice when you take them for walks. Every squirrel or bird that passes by will catch their attention and sometimes encourage baying and howling but don’t worry, with a little time and attention you can train them out of the worst of it. The best part about this breed is the attention that they will give you. A Beagle, pocket or no, loves nothing more than hanging out with you, sleeping beside you, playing, or taking scenic walks together. Trust us, once you go Beagle, you’ll never go back!

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Patterville Terrier

Our last breed is an English dog hailing from Cumbria, located in England’s Lake District. Rarely seen outside of Britain, this is NOT a breed officially recognized by the kennel clubs but it is very popular in England. Farmers, especially, like this breed, as it can protect a flock of sheep or catch and kill rabbits for

“The Patterville Terrier stands at about 12 inches tall”

its owner. A small dog, the Patterville Terrier stands at about 12 inches tall and typically weighs 11 – 13 pounds, although a particularly spoiled Terrier can reach weights up to 30 pounds as well! Health-wise, there are a few issues that they are prone to, such as eye conditions, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and Cranial Cruciate disease. As with any health issues, however, a watchful eye and regular checkups can help you to maximize their 12 to 15 year lifespan so that you and your furry best friend can enjoy many happy sunsets together.

dog breeds that start with p

In Closing

In today’s article we have discussed some amazing breeds whose names start with ‘p’. We’ve hardly scratched the surface, of course, but we hope that this glimpse into the interesting and varied traits have helped to display the importance of knowing your dog’s breed. Until next time, we wish you and your new puppy the best!