Dog Breed Names That Start With C?

dog names that start with c When it comes to dogs you have an amazing number of breeds to choose from. Some like to hunt, others to guard, while some get grumpy if they can’t sit in your lap. It really is a broad spectrum of furry friendship out there. So, how do you select the right breed? While we can’t outline all of the breeds in the space that we have today, we can tell you about 4 which we like. Let’s talk about some interesting dog breed names that start with C just to give you a taste of the variety of furry companions out there waiting to come home with you.

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Getting to know your dog (before you actually meet!)

Before we jump into our list of furry characters we should take a moment to stress the importance of knowing your dog’s breed. If you are going with a purebred for its looks that is fine, but each breed has characteristics particular to their breed. Some are natural hunters, for instance, while others may need more socializing if you want them to be around your friends. Aside from their known behaviors, these dogs may also have specific health concerns that you should learn about so that you can help to make sure that your time with your new best friend is not cut short. Let’s go into our favorite examples and you can see for yourself a sampling of what we mean here.

Canadian Eskimo dog

Our first entry is the large and lovable Canadian Eskimo dog. Standing tall at heights ranging from 24 to 37 inches and weighing in at 60 – 105 pounds, The Canadian Eskimo dog is a big dog indeed, This is because it needs to be, of course. Canadian Eskimo dogs are sledding dogs, designed to work in a team to travel quickly in Arctic climes. They are also hunters as well, able to take seals and sometimes even polar bears! This is not necessary for living in your home, of course, but on that front you will find that they are a sweet and caring breed. Temperament was considered important and this 4000 year old breed has producing loving, energetic companions time and time again. Just watch out when it comes to leaving them around cats and other pets, as they do still have that hunting drive very much intact. Canadian Eskimo dogs have a potential lifespan of 10 to 15 years and due to the breed being so ancient their health problems are minimal (just the average worries of hip dysplasia, cataracts, arthritis, and heat intolerance. Pay attention to the last if you are thinking of getting one, they are not suited well for extremely warm climates!

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Caucasian Shepherddog names that start with c

This Russian and Georgian breed from the Caucasus Mountains is another large dog, huge in fact, standing in at 25 to 34 inches in height and weighing in the neighborhood of 100 – 220 pounds! As you can probably guess, these dogs traditionally kept wolves and coyotes at bay and guarded areas and this is very apparent in the breed. They make excellent watchdogs but don’t worry, if you want a cuddly dog they are excellent for this as well, just be prepared to get them well socialized or they will only be close with your own family. Despite their robust health (potential issues are a minimum, such as hip dysplasia or cataracts), they are shorter lived than many dogs with a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

Cane Corso

Standing at 23.5 – 27 inches, the Italian Cane Corso is appreciably smaller than our first two breeds, and it weighs a typical range of 90 to 120 pounds. That said, this is a muscular dog for hunting large game and for guarding it’s owners and their property. This type of dog requires serious attention and you will need to assign him jobs to do or things can go south quite quickly (as in digging, chewing furniture, and acting out in other ways. The Cane Corso is also not very big on strangers and even with a lot of socialization they tend to be wary. While this is ideal if you want a dog that only loves the family it could be a potential problem if you are expecting your dog to be social. This dog is considered of the ‘mastiff’ variety and is descended from Roman War dogs, so if you don’t have experience with this type of dog we really wouldn’t recommend the Cane Corso. The Cane Corso lives for 10 – 12 years and health problems include hip dysplasia, eye problems, and a tendency to bloat.

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Cairn Terrier

dog names that start with c Our final entry is also our smallest, standing in at 10 inches and weighing between 11 – 14 pounds. Don’t let its size fool you, however, as the Cairn Terrier used to help Scottish farmers in reducing the numbers of vermin around the farm. In the home, what you’ve got is a little friend who is quick and cunning and

“They do require a moderate amount of exercise”

likes a good cuddle. Due to their previous incarnations as rat and weasel killers they do require a moderate amount of exercise but beyond this they are fairly low-maintenance pets. Even in grooming concerns, as you can usually skate by just brushing them down once a week. A training regimen is also recommended, as they will get distracted chasing small animals and they very much like to dig, and this can get to you if you don’t teach them how to properly behave. As far as health issues, potential issues include Diabetes Melitus, Hip Dysplasia, cataracts, hypothyroidism, and more, so be sure that you schedule regular checkups with your vet so you two can make the most of your dog’s 12 to 15 year life expectancy.

In closing

We hope that you have enjoyed these fun facts about our favorite breeds starting with the letter C. If you are considering acquiring any of these, be sure to research further so that you are ready and prepared for your new best friend. You’ll be happy that you did!