Dalmatian Training: Tips And Tricks

dalmatian trainingIt’s the dog breed that you think of when it comes to Disney classics, but those who have raised one know that there is a lot more than that to know about Dalmatians (even, arguably, if you have 101 of them). So when it comes to serious inquiries, what does Dalmatian training really entail? In this article we will talk about what it REALLY means when it comes to training your Dalmatian puppy.

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Is training a Dalmatian puppy easy?

Dalmatians are as easy to train as other dogs but there are a few things to keep in mind. For instance, there are a few do’s and don’ts which you should stick to when training your Dalmatian. An example of some of the no-no’s include:

  • Do not train your Dalmatian immediately after they have eaten. Give them a little time first for best results
  • Keep training simple until your Dalmatian is at least 6 months old. At this age they will be more agile and ready for more difficult commands
  • Do not sneak up and grab your Dalmatian from behind.

How to train a Dalmatian dog the RIGHT way

First you will need to keep in mind that your Dalmatian has a lot of energy and is going to need plenty of exercise and attention. Failure to do this can result in destructive behaviors, as your Dalmatian can become bored or depressed from too little attention or being ‘cooped-up’ in the house too long. Beyond this, while there are lots of fancy training tools out there you really only need to stock up on treats for positive reinforcement. When your Dalmatian goes to the bathroom outside, they should immediately get a treat. When your pup sits down, say ‘sit’ and give them a treat. After a few times the little one will catch on and begin to associate specific commands, it just takes a little time.

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Crate Training your Dalmatian

Your first concern, of course, is going to be potty training your furry friend. The best approach for this is going to be a technique called ‘crate training’. This involves obtaining a large, wooden crate, or utilizinghow to train dalmatian dog pet fencing in order to create a personal space for your pet. You will want to include the following in this space:

  • A small water bowl
  • Toys to help pass those times of boredom
  • A place for puppy to sleep
  • A pee pad or a similar grass/faux grass alternative

So, how does one implement crate training with a Dalmatian?

Implementation of crate training is actually quite simple. Whenever you need a little time away from your pup, be it for work or bedtime, then you place the puppy inside of the enclosure. You will want to make sure that if your puppy whines you do NOT fall to the temptation to give them attention at this point. Doing so will only reinforce the idea that you will come whenever your puppy calls. So let them get used to the space without running when they cry, this is very important.

Crate training your Dalmatian: Additional info

First thing in the morning you will want to take your puppy outside in order to go to the bathroom. Be sure to give them a treat when they do, as this will positively reinforce the behavior which we are trying to create. Lastly, don’t be frustrated. This process can take time, maybe as much as a few weeks. Hang in there and keep reinforcing the good

“This process can take time, maybe as much as a few weeks”

behavior and very soon your Dalmatian will learn that going to the bathroom outside is what is both expected and proper. This is the easiest and in our opinion, the best wayin regards to how to house train a Dalmatian puppy. Of course, beyond potty training, you will want your Dalmatian to learn lots, lots more. To this effect, let’s discuss some other tricks which you can teach them.

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Teaching your Dalmatian to sing

A fun trick that is easy to teach to your Dalmatian is ‘singing’. To do this, simply tell your dog ‘sing!’ and then make a howling sound yourself until your dog sings along. Don’t forget to give your furry friend a treat once this is done and your dog will learn the trick in no time!

Teaching your Dalmatian to Spin  

This is another great trick that you can easily teach your pup to do. Grab a treat and hold it up high over the dogs head. Coax your dog into jumping up on his hind legs and then say ‘Spin’, circling the treat around so that your dog spins to follow it. Once your dog has spun around, give them the treat. Practice this a bit and your dog will pick it up quickly, as Dalmatians are clever little fellows indeed.

Teaching your Dalmatian how to roll over

To teach your Dalmatian how to roll over, you will want to first teach them the ‘Sit’ command. Once they are comfortable with this, try saying ‘Roll over!’ and then presenting a treat, which you move to the right or left and circle around to keep their attention. When the dog rolls over as a natural part of following the treat then give it to them. Repeat the process a number of times during the week and your Dalmatian will very soon have this trick mastered.

training a dalmatian puppy

In Closing

In this article we have discussed how to train your Dalmatian puppy in some basic tricks that the both of you can enjoy. While we didn’t quite have the space to count as a comprehensive Dalmatian training guide, there are many Dalmatian training books out there which you may employ once you have gotten the basic training in which you would like for your puppy to learn. Just be patient with your energetic little friend. Dalmatians are highly intelligent and they will soon pick up whatever it is that you are trying to teach them. Just you wait and see!

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