Owning, Calming Down And Training Your Rottweiler Dog

rottweiler dogCongratulations on your new puppy or dog! Owning a Rottweiler is a wonderful experience and despite the rumors you’ve probably heard, these little furballs can be as affectionate as any dog. It just takes a little time. Now, that said, they are capable of a strong bite and can be excitable when you first get them home. Today we are going to discuss calming and training your Rottweiler dog so that you can help to avoid pitfalls like this and be well-prepared if any problem-signs show up. Let’s talk about Rottweiler training!

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How to calm a Rottweiler down

If your Rottweiler pup was weaned too early then aggressive behavior you are seeing may be due to socialization issues. When a puppy is young, it learns many useful things from its mother and its littermates. Among these are socializing with people and other dogs and biting. They learn how is acceptable when it comes to biting and when it is appropriate. Without this, your puppy may bite too hard when playing and things can get worse if they see you get angry. So what can you do?

Calming an aggressive Rottweiler puppy

If your puppy is biting then the first thing you will need to do is control your response. Never respond in anger. This will confuse and frighten your dog and then you will be likely to see MORE biting rather than less. The best response for a bite that is too hard is going to be the same thing that they would learn from another puppy. When your dog bites too hard during playtime, instead of pulling back you should slowly withdraw your hand while saying ‘Yip!’ like a hurt puppy. This is a sound that they will recognize. Follow this up by stopping playtime for a good 10 or 15 minutes. If you do this every time that your puppy bites too hard then, over time, they will realize what is happening and bite with less force so that they can keep playing.

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How to control your Rottweiler : Watch aggression at homeowning a rottweiler

Your dog is going to pick up on your aggression. This is normal. When they see that you are excited or yelling about something then they build up nervous energy. This is not good, as they can end up taking it out on a stranger or even on you if your bond hasn’t been firmly established yet. Combat this by staying aware of your behavior. If you are watching a sporting event or something else that is liable to get you yelling at the TV then you might want to put your doggy in another room or in the yard for this. Alternately, you can play with them during commercials to help to diffuse some of this excess energy and to show them that everything is alright.

Managing your Rottweiler: Socialize with other dogs and people often

You will want to make sure that from a very young age your dog becomes used to other people and other dogs. Invite a friend over to meet your dog with a treat handy and let them get used to this person slowly. When taking your dog out to the park you can let them meet other dogs (and you should!) but do so with the leash firmly in hand. If you have a neighbor with a dog and they are amenable to it, set up some playtimes during the week. The more your dog socializes then the friendlier they are going to be. It’s best to get these lessons in early as it’s going to be a lot harder if you wait until the dog is older. So don’t neglect your Rottweiler puppy’s socialization skills!

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Avoid rough play with your Rottweiler

While the Rottweiler gets a bad rap due to the tendency of bad people making them fight for sport there is some truth to the idea that this is an aggressive dog. That said, the kind of Rottweiler that your dog is going to grow up to be is something that you can influence. Avoid rough play with your Rottweiler, as this can encourage aggressive behaviors and worse, if the dog misinterprets you and truly feels threatened then you might get bitten.

          “Rottweilers can be soft and cuddly if you let them.”

Avoid this by creating a calm atmosphere around the dog. Limit play to that involving toys or even chasing each other around the house. Just avoid wrestling and other things which the dog could misinterpret because you do NOT want to encourage any aggressive tendencies. Rottweilers can be soft and cuddly if you let them, so make sure that you are giving them the right signals and then you won’t have to worry about aggression. It’s that simple.

Establish dominance and discipline early through training

Once you’ve got your Rottweiler potty trained then the next step is going to be teaching them as many commands as you can. The best way to do this is to have multiple training sessions that you limit to 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Make sure that your Rottweiler knows how to Sit, to Stay, and to Lay down to begin with. Move on to some of the more fun commands such as ‘Fetch!’ so that you have a game to play together and you are paving the way for a long and delightfully non-aggressive friendship for many years to come. Training will not only give them something to put their energy into but it will help to establish dominance, which is very important to Rottweilers. So spend a little training time together, it is very much worth it!

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how to control your rottweiler

In closing

In this article we have discussed training and calming your Rottweiler puppy. With a little patience and a lot of love your furry best friend will grow up to be obedient, sweet, and affectionate, so don’t neglect their socialization or other training. Establish yourself as the Alpha dog by teaching your dog tricks and reinforcing with treats. You’ll be very happy that you did!