Attention, Naughty Pup! You Are Ordered To Go To Dog Boot Camp!

dog boot campWait, dog boot camp? That is a thing? It certainly is. For instance, there is a dog boot camp in Los Angeles that offers Enhanced Social Skills training for dogs. We’ll talk about this dog bootcamp and go into some of their offerings today so that you can see if this one (if you are in the area) or another boot camp in you or another dog training camp might not be a good fit for you and your furry friend. Let’s talk first about some of the things that your dog can learn!

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Enhanced Social Skills training

Serving the Topanga area, the Topanga Pet Resort offers a dog behaviour boot camp with a number of excellent training options. Here are a few of the selections from their dog training boot camp:

  • Separation anxiety training – Was your dog weaned before 8 weeks? Some dogs that were weaned too early can become codependent on their owners. Dogs are very social animals and early separation from their mother can cause socialization issues. This training helps your dog to become less codependent so that your dog doesn’t get unruly when you are not there.
  • Protective issues training – Sometimes a dog can be too defensive of you, the family, or the house in general. This training can help to tone that down a notch so that your dog is much more Zen in the presence of others.
  • Leash issues training – Does your dog absolutely hate the leash or refuse to heel? The experts in this dog behaviour boot camp have got you covered, teaching a number of effective leash training techniques.
  • Alpha dog behavior training – Do you have Alpha dog issues? Sometimes it’s a constant fight for dominance and a little boot camp might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Your dog can learn what it is expected of them and you can learn a thing or two about living with an Alpha dog so that you know how to manage this behavior.
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Other training offerings available at Topanga Pet Resorts

There are a number of other training aspects to the Enhanced Social skills training as well some separate training types available. In regards to your doggy’s social skills, other useful training includes the following:

  • Fearful behavior training – Is your dog frightened of just about everything? This is another behavior that can occur from early weaning or if your furry friend is a rescue dog then it might be the result of previous abuse. Gentle training is in order to help your dog get past their anxiety so that they can interact with confidence!
  • Heavy mounting training – If your dog has a habit of climbing on the back of every dog that they see (or an overly fond love of yours or a friend’s legs) then this training can help. Generally this sort of behavior is a dominance issue and the experts at doggy boot camp can help to put it into check.
  • Food and toy dominance training – Does your dog get extremely protective of their food or their toys? This is another dominance issue and it should be addressed as this behavior can lead to someone getting bitten. Thankfully, the folks at Topanga Pet Resort know what to do with this behavior.
  • Lack of boundaries training – Does your dog get on the bed and refuse to go until you roll them off? Are you finding it hard to keep your dog out of certain parts of the house? Perhaps your dog simply likes to jump on people? Boundaries training can help to get this resolved, teaching commands that will help you to better communicate your intentions to your dog so that this behavior will cease.
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This sounds great but what if I’m not in Los Angeles?dog training camp

If you are not close to Los Angeles then there is no need to worry, you can certainly find comparable training options in just about any location. What you will want to do is identify the type of behavior that your dog is exhibiting which you require assistance

” Think of the Amazon reviews that you are already familiar with, but for services.”

with and then start checking around. For instance, a Google search with the keywords ‘dog obedience training’ followed by the name of your city will pull up a number of results. So, how do you choose from there to ensure the training will be of good quality?


Use Yelp reviews to your advantage

Yelp is a useful online resource. If you are unfamiliar with them, Yelp provides reviews for local businesses. Simply go to and type the name of the business and your location. The reviews themselves come from people in your area who have used the services in question and this can be immensely useful. Think of the Amazon reviews that you are already familiar with, but for services. You will want to read through a number of reviews before making your decision and in general, if you don’t find ANY reviews then you might want to keep checking other locations. This way you can get a good idea of what you are getting into if you decide to use a particular local business. Lastly, when checking the reviews, be sure that you are reading the most recent ones. Sometimes staff can change in a small business and if all of the good reviews are a few years old then you will definitely want to check the more recent ones to ensure you will still get good service.

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dog boot camp los angeles

In closing

Today we have discussed the potential benefits of using a ‘doggie boot camp’. Behavior training is a wonderful option for those of us who do not have the time or the expertise required to apply the right training techniques. The Topanga location has wonderful reviews but if you are located somewhere else, just utilize a Google search and be sure to review the selections that you find per our instructions. Soon your naughty dog will be behaving like a champ!

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