Are Dog License Requirements Decided By Each State?

dog license requirements by stateOwning a dog is wonderful and considered by many a sort of quintessential experience. A kid and their dog, best friends forever! The old man on the porch with his faithful hound. We’re all familiar with the imagery, so much that the dog is considered mankind’s best friend. The thing is, in some cases you will need to bring a little paperwork into the equation in order to ensure that your dog ownership is legal in your area. In this article we will review some different dog license requirements by citing some specific state examples so that you can get an idea of the laws in your area and get your paperwork up to date if needed.

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Getting a dog license in Boise, Idaho

Did you know that a dog license is required for ownership in the state of Idaho? It’s true! In Boise, for instance, you must pay a license fee each year and the cost of this fee can depend on a number of factors. Whether or not the dog is spayed or neutered, for one. Also, the age of the applicant makes a difference as well, with senior citizens getting n appreciable discount.

Dog licensing in Genesee County, Michigan

As of 2018, dog license requirements in Genesee county state that all dogs must be licensed by the age of four months. At this point the applicant has 30 days in which to provide proof of vaccinations, age, the date of their current rabies shot, and in some cases, whether or not the dog is spayed or neutered. Licenses are typically renewed at the same frequency as the rabies shots, which is typically a period of 1 to 3 years. Failure to provide this information or to renew your dog’s license on time can incur a penalty fee, so keep that license and your doggies shots up to date!

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Getting a dog license in Hamilton county, Ohio

In Ohio, dogs need to be licensed at the age of 3 months. There are also considerations when licensing, such as whether or not the dog comes from out of state. Typically, your dog may be licensed for a period of 1 year if you purchase the license online or you can go directly into the auditor’s office to procure a 3 year license for your furry friend.

Pima County in Arizona has dog license lookup!

In Arizona your dog definitely needs to have their license and an up to date rabies shot. It’s only good sense, after all. Registration is very inexpensive, so make sure that your dog is licensed and keep your dog’s license and shots up to date. Lookup of your dogs license is an easy matter for the authorities, so don’t forget. While it seems a bit inconvenient, just keep in mind that this protects everyone. You wouldn’t want you or your dog to be bitten by another dog that hasn’t had a rabies shot, would you?

Getting a pet license in Omaha, NEboise dog license

You’ll notice that we didn’t say ‘dog license’ in this case. That’s because in Omaha a license is required not only for dogs, but for cats and for miniature pigs as well. In Nebraska, your animal should be registered once it reaches 4 months of age and for new owners of animals there is a 30 day time period in which to acquire this license. Licenses are annual and they will require proof of your pet’s vaccinations in order to make sure that your pet is healthy and inoculated against rabies. People moving into Nebraska will want to register their pets within 30 days as well.

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Getting a dog license in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis has a number of rules and regulations when it comes to the licensing of your dog. For instance, some veterinarian groups and rescue groups that qualify may not require a license at all. You can also purchase a lifetime license in Minnesota, which

          ” You can also purchase a lifetime license in Minnesota.”

is a little pricey except that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of renewing your license each year. In some cases, ‘therapy’ animals will not require licensing, as long as they have been trained by an MACC approved trainer. When renewing your pets license you are advised to pay any outstanding fines that you may owe to the MACC, as any unpaid fines may be grounds for a denial of license renewal until the issue has been ameliorated.

Dog licensing in Texas

Don’t forget to license your dog if you live in Texas! Failure to do so can carry a $500 fine. Licensing in Texas is typically done in 3 year periods, so on the bright side you won’t have to renew your pet’s license every year. If your pet is spayed or neutered there is a significant discount in the cost of licensing your animal, so unless you are intending to breed your dog this is definitely something to consider. Senior citizens looking to license their dog get the biggest discount of all, typically requiring to pay only $6 per 3 year period when licensing in Harris county. Say what you will about Texas, they certainly do respect their elders. The temperament and breed of your animal may be a factor when licensing in Texas as well, as dogs that are considered ‘dangerous’ will require an additional licensing fee in this regard.

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Some final words  

As you can see, while you may have thought that owning a dog doesn’t require a license, it is a good idea to check in the area where you live. Licensing requirements are determined by each state and sometimes varies from county to county within each state, so to keep your dog legal and to keep yourself out of trouble we recommend that you check your local requirements. Keep in mind that not all dog owners are as responsible as you and that this sort of regulation is designed with all of us in mind. Until next time, keep your pet safe, happy, and licensed!

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